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The Earth Kingdom Battlezone

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The Earth Kingdom Battlezone Empty The Earth Kingdom Battlezone

Post  DragonTamerChris Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:53 pm

(I was having trouble with deciding if this should go in forum games or here but I decided to put it here because it relates to the site)

So anyways, welcome to the Earth Kingdom Battlezone. In this battlezone you can fight with a earth kingdom creature (ADULT) and try to beat the champion! The battles here will be in a tournament style, you enter a creature and you let it fight until it loses and it might have a chance at making it to the champion's creature and fight it! This is how it will work, you will only have to fill in the entry code.

Allowed creatures to enter:
~Badgermole(Base stats: Hp: 10 At: 8 Def: 2 Spd: 5)
~Canyon Crawler (Base stats: Hp: 9 At: 8 Def: 0 Spd: 8 )
~Platypus Bear (Base stats: Hp: 10 At: 12 Def: 2 Spd: 1

What you win if you beat the champion:
A 2nd gen badgermole egg! (you can see it here: (yes it's fogged right now) The Earth Kingdom Battlezone 25701 )

Entry code:

[b]Creature you enter and it's view code: [/b]
[b]Main attack you chose for it: [/b]
[b]Secondary attack you chose for it: [/b]
[b]What you buy with your earth points: [/b]

Earth Points:

As you see in the entry code you see the phrase: "Earth Points". What earth points do is let you "buy" items that will help your creature win battles. When you enter, your gp will determine your earth points. Every 100 gp you have=1 earth point. The max earth points you can have is 1,000.

Earth Heart (Gives your creature an extra 25 health points): 300 Earth Points
Earth Spear (Gives your creature an extra 8 attack points): 250 Earth Points
Earth Shield (Gives your creature an extra 5 defense points): 200 Earth Points
Earth Spear adv (Gives your creature an extra 15 attack points): 450 Earth Points
Earth Shield adv (Gives your creature an extra 10 defense points): 350 Earth Points
Underground Drill (Underground attacks will have +7 power): 200 Earth Points

(Note you can not have a Earth Spear adv and a Earth spear, same thing applies to the Earth Shield)

How the battles work:
~Your creatures attack each other until one loses all it's health.
~Attack power is based on your creatures level, the attacks it uses, it's items, and it's opponents defense and items.
~Which creature attacks first is based on their speed.

How the stats for your creature are calculated
Health: 1/4 of your creature's level. (250 is max)
Attack: 1/20 of your creature's level. (50 is max)
Defense: 1/100 of your creature's level. (10 is max)
Speed: 1/50 of your creature's level. (20 is max)

Attacks for each creature: (None made yet, still making, you don't have to add this to the code right now.)


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