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Roleplaying Rules and FAQ

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Roleplaying Rules and FAQ Empty Roleplaying Rules and FAQ

Post  KonayukiSpirit Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:43 pm

O hai thar. So yeah. Me again, the bear from the Fanfiction Board, except now, I'm a grammar/spelling nazi. It would be appreciated if you read this before you roleplay? Meh, you can choose not to, but at your own risk! xD

Yes, there are certain rules when it comes to roleplaying. I'm not going into the whole 'how to make your own' speech and tutorial; roleplaying is for fun. But it's not fun if everyone breaks the rules, therefore, this is why this thing is here.

Before I begin, I need to say that things about flying unicorns going into space is allowed here, while roleplays about Avatar-related stuff should go into the other Roleplay Board (Role Playing (On-Topic)).


1. Spelling, Grammar, and You Yes, this is what I'm going to be attacking first. Spelling and grammar. We all know that everyone doesn't have perfect spelling and/or grammar. But we encourage you to try to spell correctly and try to have decent grammar. Chatspeak might not be tolerated here, like spam and bashing. Especially spam and bashing. The reason why I'm attacking this part first is because when you roleplay online, you need to type. In other words, express feelings through writing. Yes, I know not all of us are going to grow up to be authors, but no one can enjoy the roleplay (or understand you) if they can't comprehend the post. Now, I'm not forcing you. I better make this clear: as long as you are understood, then it's okay. But still. Spelling and grammar, please. xD

2. Spam and Your Fate Spamming. We all know what it is, right? Pointless stuff, such as advertising, eggspamming adoptables from another game or something, pointless blabber that has absolutely nothing to do with what the roleplay is about---in short, the fun stuff that could get you warned. We all know that spamming once accidentally could pass, but if you're going to be a troll, please don't fail (and I mean it). You can bash and attack, but you'll get warned. When you aren't roleplaying in character (IC), please put it in out of character (OoC) brackets or something. That will save you from spamming. Somewhat.

3. Manners No, don't skip over this rule because you think you have manners. Yeah, you. Being civil earns you cookies. Yes, cookies. Or, virtual cookies. Anyway, constructive criticism, whether it's about the roleplay itself or the roleplayer, is the only kind of criticism allowed. Bashing the roleplayers or the roleplay is prohibited and whoever does it is deemed unfit to post in the Roleplay Boards. However, stepping in to tell a roleplayer what he/she is doing wrong is allowed, as long as it is constructive, civil criticism. The three C's! Remember them! xD Most importantly, respect each other.

4. Content Remember, there are children that could possibly be roleplaying and/or watching roleplays. I feel a need to remind you that no sexual content is allowed because it is called pornography. And that is bad. And illegal. Descriptive romance and gore is also ruled out. If you need to be descriptive, take it to PMs or time-skip. Wait, forget what I said about PMs. As long as it's not p0rn, it's okay. >.<

5. Swearing This is up to the roleplay-maker's decision about the extent of swearing. I know this could belong in Rule 4, but it just needs a rule of its own. I DO NOT want to see a whole chain of your colorful vocabulary. I really don't. Here's what I mean: "***** **** ******* *********** **** *** ****8*8*8* ***, you ******8***8*8*8*!"

There. Now that that's solved, let's go into the FAQ, shall we?


What is IC and OoC mean?

IC means 'in character', which is the actual roleplaying. OoC means 'out of character', which means you aren't roleplaying, but just talking out of your character. To distinguish between these two, IC is usually just text, while OoC has things around the text, such as parenthesis *(())*, brackets *[]*, and that weird thing *{}*. Sometimes, OoC is seen by just saying: ooc: Yadda yadda yadda.

Are there certain levels of roleplays?

Why, yes there is. There is illiterate, semi-literate, literate, and advanced. There's a possibility that there are more levels, but these are the ones most known. Illiterate is when nothing much is expected: one-liners, poor spelling and grammar, or new roleplayers are still getting the hang of roleplaying. Semi-literate is when the roleplayer's are getting the hang of it; their posts are longer, they follow the rules, they know what to do in a IC post. Literate is when the posts are much longer, the spelling and grammar is great, they follow the rules, they know how to roleplay. Advanced are roleplayers whose posts are filled with superior spelling and grammar, non-pointless text, and pretty much they know how to roleplay very well.

What are Mary Sues/Gary Stus?

Two words: perfect characters. We don't want perfect characters because nobody is perfect. Usually, it's a rule not to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu and are looked down upon. But other times, the roleplay centers around perfect characters.

What is godmod(d)ing/powerplaying?

Godmoding (or godmodding), is when your character has awesome abilities, like able to deflect any attack, can dodge anything, is super fast, wounds don't bother them, etc. That is also looked down upon, for it isn't fair. However, some roleplayers give permission to allow their characters to be godmoded or powerplayed. Powerplaying is when you take another roleplayer's character(s) and control them. Usually, this isn't allowed unless consent is given.

What is a character sheet and/or introduction post?

Character sheets are forms you have to fill out when attempting to join a roleplay. Usually, you must wait for approval before you begin roleplaying. Sometimes, if the form isn't good enough, you get rejected. A character sheet contains the starting information for your character, such as name, personality, history, appearance, and anything that is missed will have an 'other' section. Introduction posts are like character sheets; they have information about name, age, gender, and appearance, the personality and history being unraveled as the roleplay goes on. Sometimes, the starting post for a new character is referred to as an introduction post.

What does a good roleplay need?

So, starting your own roleplay, eh? A good roleplay will contain a good plot, some background information, a set of rules, character sheets, and a setting.

Oh, look at the FAQ xD Will be edited if need be.

NOTE: the FAQ isn't exactly developed. Questions that aren't here could be PMed to me or Cattius and will be answered here and/or through PM.

Thanks for reading. ^^

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