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Fanfiction Rules and FAQ

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Fanfiction Rules and FAQ Empty Fanfiction Rules and FAQ

Post  KonayukiSpirit on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:46 pm

Hi, there. I'm sure you guys are pretty hyped up and ready to post your awesome self-made adventures in the Avatar world, but you should read this first. XD In here, you'll be able to see the specific rules for this section, or... Somewhat specific. xD This post will be edited a number of times to try and make sure that this board stays clean of rule-breaking. And stuff.

And a reminder: this isn't the Roleplay Board. It would be appreciated if you didn't post your roleplays here. Very Happy

Now, onto the rules! Yes, the dreadfully hated rules that we have spoken of! cherry


1. Posting and Receiving Criticism In this board, you'll be sure to receive criticism. Don't try to rule it out in your thread; if you post it, you'll receive the criticism. It's quite simple. You can take it, or not. If there's drama, you guys can always PM one of the roleplay mods to have it wiped and/or locked.
---1-A. Those giving criticism are to be civil. The only criticism allowed is constructive criticism. Not attacking the person who posted his/her fanfiction. Keep that in mind; I'll be going through threads if I, or any of the other mods, suspect them of having bashing, spamming, attacking viciously, and other things you know that you shouldn't do.

2. Swearing Swearing is allowed to a certain extent. I don't mind if it's a simple "Oh, shit!" or "That is just crap!". Really, I don't. But going overboard attracts my attention like bears to food in a tent. Yes, imagine me as a bear. Anyway, what I don't allow is a whole chain of your colorful vocabulary. There may be children here and we don't want to be responsible for their learning your vocabulary, right? A whole chain is: "***** ***** **** * *** * * * **** ****, damn it!" We don't allow that. If it's been repeated several times, you might get warned.

3. The Romance We Allow Romance is allowed! Yes, the mushy relationships and actions that people might want to center their story around. Of course, there's a certain extent to that as well. A passionate kiss is all very well, but no sexual content, or at least, no descriptive romance. Remember the children! If you do want sex to happen, just skip that part. If there's descriptive romance, I'll verbally warn you before editing, and if it happens again, you'll be warned.

4. The Bloody Fight Scenes Oh, we all love action, but being too descriptive is not allowed. This isn't a horror movie, right? Besides, the children! No descriptive gore, though details about a person's appearance after the fight is allowed. If you want an example, you can PM me and I'll gladly give you one.

5. Disclaimers Yeah... Copyrights and all. You don't need to give a speech about the whole disclaimer things, but please don't claim that the whole thing is your work.

6. Illustrations and Artwork I'm not sure if we're going to allow fan-art threads here, but for now, all art should be part of a fanfiction thread. Yep. So that means no requests, for now. Wait! We're not done yet! Comic strips are allowed in a different thread. There is now an Art Forum! Instead of doing your fan-art/original artwork here, you can head on over to the Art Board.

7. Finished Fan Fiction All are aware that after a month of no replies, the topic will be locked (and seven days later, if there's so reply to a pm that had been sent out to the author, the topic will be deleted). If you're scared of having your fanfiction locked up because it's done and there would probably be no replies to the thread, please put a "done" somewhere in the title or in the first post.

And that's it for the rules! Remember, these may be edited. I'll let you know when they are.

Onto the FAQ of the Fanfiction Board!


What is fanfiction and/or fan-art?

Fanfiction is a fictional story about a book, T.V. series, movie, anything to do with the media. It may contain the original characters, or it may have the original setting for your story. Let's think of it as 'fan *space* fiction'. Fan-art is similar to fanfiction, except you draw, paint, or do something other than write. It could be a picture of your character, an original character from the show/media in your point of view, or it could be comic strips.

NOTE: The FAQ isn't really developed. If you have questions, PM them to me and they may appear in the FAQ or you'll just have them answered in PM.

Thanks for reading! You may now start your adventures in the world of Avatar. Twisted Evil

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