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Looking for an artist!

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Looking for an artist! Empty Looking for an artist!

Post  kaerlighed Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:52 am

I have this really amazing story in my head that I want to write down. I thought it'd be great to be able to have some picture of four of the characters using like, computer art.

Sadly, I cannot do it myself and make it look good. Sad

I would be forever thankful if someone did this for me. Credits would go to you. The story will be posted here as well as on a fanfiction site later on.

Just so you know, these characters are pixies. Smile The story came to me in a dream and I really wanna get it down in writing.

Characters (don't have names yet, but they are as followed):
- A Red Male Pixie (i'd say like... 19 years of age)
- Another Red Male Pixie (19 years of age)
- A Gold Female Pixie (15 years of age)
- and a Dark Purple Pixies holding a staff I designed. (18 years of age)

Both Red pixies are brothers, both having black hair. I am not fussy on the clothes, or the wings, but I'd like if they were fare the same (they are twins). They are Red pixies because of their red wings, clothing can be red as well.

The Gold Pixie has bigger wings then the Red and a different design. Different style of clothing. Again, they are gold pixies that have golden wings. Clothes again, can be gold as well. She has blond hair. She also looks younger then the purple pixie and the red pixies.

The purple pixie is one of a kind. Her wings are /very/ similar to the Gold wings, but much bigger again. she has blond ish hair and heavy makeup. Her clothes are dark. She holds a staff in her hand (I have the design of it made) and a ring on her finger in the same hand that she holds the staff. She is in fact the hero of the story. Her clothing will be similar to the gold's but a little different of course.

I want the pointy ears of course. ^^ No pixie dust. umm... I think that's about it. Smile

I hope this characters will be made. ^^

I do not know of the name here, but the names in the story for the fanfiction site will be:
Red Pixie - Tom (Kaulitz) (i'd like it if the red pixies could sorta look like him and his brother)
Red Pixie - Bill (Kaulitz) (tom's brother. lol)
Gold Pixie - Samantha
Purple Pixie - (donno yet, but she's gonna be like... me. xD)

That is all.

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