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NARUTO: Reborn5000

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Post  Yami Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:20 pm

NARUTO: Reborn 5000

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does, since 1999.




"Yami Talking"

'Yami Thinking'

"Spirit Yami Talking"

"Spirit Normal Talking"

'Spirit Yami Thinking'

'Spirit Normal Thinking'

A/N: This story takes place 5,000 years after Naruto Shippuuden. Yes, all of the characters that were shown in Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden are dead...are they? Expect some advanced technology and new things that never showed in Naruto series such as new jutsus, new elements, new characters, etc. The ninja system does still exist.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Over 5000 years ago, a young man battled a powerful unbeatable enemy. Once destroyed the land country called Konoha. That young man is to be known as a god-like shinobi that no one has surpassed him. He was very close to winning the monstrous battle, but was not enough. Once it came to his senses that this beast and caster could not be defeated, he sacrificed his life and sealed away his soul into his crystal necklace. The enemy beast was the 10 tails called the Juubi itself. Each tail power was separated and sealed into 10 crystal objects that connects to the sealing jutsu the shinobi used. As a result, the ninja lost his memory, even his own name. The caster of the Juubi was also sealed away as well. Eleven objects with the souls had been scattered all around the world, hidden. The crystal necklace, on the other hand, was shattered to pieces and buried underground. No one in the past has found the crystal necklace or the 11 objects until present day.

"Come on, break through it!" shouted a man in his 30s as the loud whacking is heard. A loud rumble was heard to smash a wall down of a dark tunnel cave. More darkness engulfed the men in the cave. In the distance, they could see very dim golden rays of light behind a door. The cave miners gasped in awe in their discovery.

"Look! We found the treasure!" a man shouted with joy. As they marched towards the light, it seems to be moving farther and farther away. They started to go faster, but it was no use. "What's going on? Is this some genjutsu!"

The cave miners could not keep up with the speed, the light soon disappeared in the darkness. Some stopped and knelt on the cave floor, panting. "We can't match the speed! We'll never reach it!"

"Don't give up! We must keep going even if we're exhausted! Just keep running until we can't run anymore!" An old man said loudly, encouraging the miners. Rest of the miners kept going as the others nodded and stood back up. Some time passed, at last they found a door in front of them. The man assisting the old man named Zarroff spook up, "Hold it! Let's get some light he- AH!"

As he lit up a match, dark gloomy tombs and skeleton bones lay near the door. Zarroff calmed himself down from being frightened. Not only were him shivering in fear at first sight but others too.

"What are you scared of? Let's move!" the old man said, taking the lead. He grasped the pole bar in the door and pulled to open it. Struggling to open as he had became weak with age, the miners helped him take ahold of it. It is not an easy task to move a thousand years old door untouched.

The old rotting door started to budge by the men's strength. In the cave, they dared not to use any jutsu that could risk the cave collapsing or to destroy precious things that have been left behind. The door is opened, allowing the people to enter.

"You go first. Surogaki, sir." Zarroff said in a polite tone. The old man nodded and went ahead. Zarroff grinned with coldhearted eyes, watching Surogaki's every move. A dark corridor shows up as a path to the other side of the room which leads to another door. Surogaki walked across the path, once Surogaki reached the door it opened by itself. Zarroff and the other miners stayed back. Zarroff quietly took out a smoke bomb and a kunai. The miners were on Zarroff's side on attempt to murder Surogaki and steal the treasure. Zarroff threw the smoke bomb first, followed by the kunai. The smoke bomb made a pop noise and released the smoke.

The old man winced in pain as the kunai hit him in the arm. Surogaki stumbled and fell over the corridor, grasping the edge with his hands. Letting out a gasp as Zarroff passed by, launching for the treasure behind the opened door. He chuckled as he entered, his footsteps were fading away. Surogaki struggled to lift himself up, he didn't make a move when terrifying screams and shouts came. The old man froze, staring at the dark room behind the opened door. Surogaki and the miners gasped in fear as they see rays of beaming red light coming from the dark room. The screams soon immediately died down as a loud thud was heard. Surogaki did not move as he didn't know what just had happened. The miners took their chance to run away in fear.

'I can't die here...There are things that must be done...' his thoughts were interrupted by bright golden rays of light with the sound of gentle footsteps. To his surprise, a tall blonde man with an orange robe jacket to his knees with black flames along the edges. He wore a black shirt under the robe and tan pants, 3 distinguishing whisker-like markings on each of his cheeks. He had bright blue eyes with a firm look on his face. The blonde man also has a black cloth around his head with a metallic plate on his forehead with the Konoha symbol enfaced on it. Surogaki just froze, he was starting to slip. The man stood over the old man with one hand on his hip, he knelt on the ground on one knee and extended his right hand to help the old man up.

"I've been waiting, Jiraiya." he spoke in a calm tone. Surogaki accepted the young man's hand and lifted himself over the edge of the path. Once on the corridor again, he winced in pain from the wound on his arm. He put bandages on the wound of his arm, he looked at the blonde man in front of him. Surogaki asked, "Who are you?" The man just walked away, towards the room where the red light came from. He stopped as he reached the door, looking back behind his shoulder. Surogaki watched him in confusion, he get that he wants Surogaki to follow him.

"Wait! Are you an ally or the enemy?" Surogaki questioned him, receiving no answer. He just walked on past the door when the old man stood up. Surogaki cautiously walked behind the mysterious young man. He walked up to a stone tablet with a small box on top of it, glancing back at Surogaki. The blonde man extended his hand, touching the box with his fingers before vanishing like dust in the air. Surogaki was startled, unexpecting that he was a spirit. A spirit saved him. He walked slower than usual until he could touch the old box within reach. Surogaki picked up the box, brushed off the dust that attracted for many years. It's a gold shiny looking box with the Konoha symbol mark on it. He carefully moved the lid off the box, inside shone small pieces of silvery blue crystals. It looked like a puzzle to put together.

'I think I should do this at home. It may take awhile.' Surogaki thought. Putting the lid back on the box, sliding the box in his coat pocket. He turned around and left the room. Finding his way out of the cave.

[20 years later]

A 15-year old boy was riding on his navy blue and orange bike home. He have spikey blonde hair with big, gentle bright blue eyes. He wears a Konoha tattoo on his left cheekbone to show he's a ninja. Jumping off his bike as he arrived in the driveway of his grandfather's house. He took his money he earned from completing a simple C-rank mission earlier today. It's almost noon and he is hungry.

"Grandpa! I'm home!" shouted the teenage boy as he barged through the door. His grandfather is a nice man who looks over his only grandson. His father is gone on a long mission trip to the Land of Waves, helping with carpenter work. His mother is a medical ninja nurse who works at the Konoha Hospital. The boy could smell ramen coming from the kitchen.

"Come here, Yoku. I've got pork chop ramen for you! Your favorite appetite!" he called in a nice, cheerful tone. The blonde teenager sat at the table, putting his chopsticks in hand as he waits for his lunch.

"Anything happen on your mission today?" he asked while stirring the noodles on the oven. Yoku spoke up, "Not really. Just another training from Karaki-sensei during the mission."

"What kind of training?" Yoku's grandfather curiously asked his grandson as he continues to stir the boiling noodles in a pot on the oven. Yoku grinned, "Tree climbing with just your feet."

"Ah, I remember when I did that training." he remarked, putting the hot noodles in the ramen bowl. The blonde looked at his chopsticks, "Zakena succeeded at it on her first try." Yoku started to fiddle with his chopsticks. The grandfather smiled, "She's an impressive girl, isn't she?"

"Y-yeah." Yoku said shyly, continuing to fiddle with the chopsticks. "I made it though. It took me all day!" he exclaimed, the grandfather turned around with delicious ramen in his hands. Setting the ramen in front of his grandson on the table. Yoku's grandfather spoke in a cheerful voice, "Now, here. Your ramen is ready!"

"Thanks grandpa! Itadakimasu!" The blonde teenager said happily, he quickly dove his chopsticks in his ramen and picked up the noodles to eat. Surogaki, Yoku's grandfather, smiles as he watches his grandson happily eat his ramen.

[Later that night]

The teenage boy sat on his bed cross-legged, watching the television. The television doesn't really attract Yoku's attention. His mind was on other things. 'I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow, heh! Something exciting always happen.' Yoku just sighed at those thoughts, lying on his back on his bed. Staring at the ceiling, waiting for some random thought to pop up. Sighing, he flipped over to lie on his stomach and rests his head on the pillow. Taking a quick glance at the desk by his bed, seeing a golden box.

'That's right! The crystal puzzle!' Yoku instantly thought as he swayed his feet over the edge of the bed and sat up. Gripping on the bed sheets as he stood up, walking over to his desk behind the wooden chair. He pulled the chair back, sat down and began taking the heavy lid off the expensive looking box. Lies inside is the crystal puzzle pieces, taking them out one by one. Lastly, he spreads them on his desk.

"I got this 8 years ago on my birthday from grandpa. He told me if I complete this puzzle, something mysterious would happen." The blond teenage said to himself, remembering back the day. "Alright! I plan on completing this tonight! I won't give up!"

[Awhile later that same night]

Yoku was still working on his puzzle, he got some pieces together but not almost there yet. He fiddled with the pieces and tries to figure out which pieces fits. He was able to put some pieces together easily but this is still hard to do. As it took him 8 years already and still incomplete. It started to get late and Yoku is still not giving up. Letting out a yawn, he took a break to have his night snack. Yoku stood up from sitting in the chair, exiting his room to go down the steps. Passing by the living room, he sees his grandfather sitting on the sofa watching television. It seems to be entertaining him when he didn't move his eyes to look at Yoku.

He swiftly walked to the refrigerator, opened the door to take a bottle of milk. Closing the refrigerator door, putting the milk bottle down on the counter as he open a food closet door. Pulling out chocolate chip cookies out of the jar and putting them on a plate. He grabbed his milk bottle before running back upstairs to his room.

Walking behind his chair, putting his milk and cookies down on the desk before he sat himself down again to focus on the puzzle once more. He took a sip of his milk and a bite out of his chocolate chip cookie, eyes not leaving the crystal pieces. Later he was down to one piece left, Yoku just stared at the crystal puzzle with a red-colored kanji mark on it. Blinking a few times brought him back to reality, he smiled from ear to ear. "I did it! I did it! I completed the puzzle! Just one more...to go!" Yoku instantly stood up with the incomplete crystal in hand, knocking the chair over. He slowly moved his right hand to the last piece. He paused for a minute as he put his hand on top of the puzzle piece. Grabbing it, putting the puzzle piece over the fitting size.

Yoku pushed the crystal puzzle piece in its place, he closed his eyes for a brief second. Suddenly, the crystal started to glow brightly enough to open Yoku's eyes again to see what is happening. The teenage boy gasped as he saw it glow, then he felt a dark atmosphere around him. A second later, the blue light surrounded the blonde boy as Yoku screamed. Red glowing kanji symbol mark appeared on Yoku's forehead that's similar to the mark on the crystal necklace. As the blue light disappeared, Yoku is taller and has a darker shade of blue eyes. His eyes are narrower, his blonde hair is a little longer and more wild and has a firm look on his face. Three whisker-like markings appeared on each of his cheeks. The Konoha tattoo on his left cheekbone is gone, replaced with a Konoha headband on his forehead.

As the red kanji disappeared, Yoku shrunk to normal and has a lighter shade of blue eyes. Also bigger eyes than it was narrower, his spikey blonde hair is back to normal. Yoku have a shy-like confused expression and the Konoha tattoo appeared again as the headband is no longer there. The whisker-like marks vanished away. Still holding the crystal necklace in his hands, he glanced around the room in confusion.

"What was that?" Yoku felt the dark atmosphere fading away from him but it was still there, from the crystal necklace. He glanced back at the crystal necklace he finally completed this night. The blonde teenager put the crystal necklace around his neck, smiling. 'I hope my wish comes true...' thought the boy before heading off to bed.

This is the day it changed Yoku's life. What will await for him ahead in his adventures as a ninja and the mystery of the crystal necklace?

End of Chapter 1!

Hi I hope you enjoy my story so far ;o

PS: This story is on my fanfiction. It's only updated up to chapter 4 so far. Razz Yes, usually the chapters would be around this long and the chunkiness would usually stay... yeah, I was experimenting different writing styles, so... ^_^


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Post  Yami Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:35 pm

Chapter 2: A Nameless Visitor

"Anyone here?" a young boy's voice called out, fast pacing feet ran through an alley. His blonde hair showed bright in the dark, running in fear. The blonde teenager was panting and wide-eyed as he ran. He shouted once more, "Where are you? Come back!" His shaking screams could wake the neighborhood. Konoha is in flames from an attack earlier, many ninjas died. The blonde boy is one of the few that survived. The teenage boy looked back, a shadow appeared on the wall, gasping, he ran faster.

"No! Where is it? Where are you!?" He shouted again, his heart racing and pounding. He left the village grounds and ran into a forest. "Grandpa! Grandpa! W-where are you?" he shouted, his blue eyes getting teary. He froze in his tracks from running, the pond under the mist is in his way. The sounds of footsteps are getting louder and closer behind the boy.

"Yoku." The blonde teenager looked straight ahead at the voice it came from. He finds a reflection of himself on the other side of the pond. Except he looked a little taller and more mature with narrower eyes. A Konoha headband and 3 whisker-like markings on each of his cheeks. Yoku was confused, "Dad? No...Who are you?" The reflection of the blonde teenage boy still stood on the other side of the pond, he had his hands in his pockets. He wore a tight, sleeveless black shirt and dark orange sweatpants. On his wrists are two armbands, he didn't change his facial expression. The small blonde teenager went wide-eyed as he saw the crystal necklace around his neck.

"Yoku. It's me." He said again, in a calm voice. His face expression still hasn't changed. Yoku just stared at him, not getting what he's talking about. Suddenly, a masked man with short black hair jumped out from behind. With a kunai in hand, he attempts to stab him from above. Yoku whirled around just in time to see the attack then total darkness.

"AH!" Yoku shot his eyes wide open as he sat up from lying down. He was panting heavily and his heart racing. He tightly clutched onto his bed sheets, "Just a dream..." He sighed, lying back down on the bed and falling asleep once more. That night he didn't even know there was someone presence in his room, watching him sleep.

[Next Morning]

The morning sunrays beamed through the window, bright enough to wake the sleeping blonde teenager up. Yoku fluttered his eyelids to see clearly, letting out a long yawn as he stretched his arms. He sat up in bed, looked at his desk for the time on the clock.

8:22 AM

"Crap! I only have one hour and half to get ready for the next mission meet up!" Yoku groaned, quickly hopping out of bed. The teenager grabbed for the doorknob of his door to take a shower. 'Wasn't the door left open last night? Ah, well. Whatever. Maybe Grandpa closed it.' He ran out in his pajamas to the bathroom next door. Only few minutes later, Yoku came running down the stairs for breakfast.

"Grandpa, I'm up!" called Yoku as he entered the kitchen, getting out his usual breakfast meal on the table. Grandpa came in the kitchen a second later with the newspaper. Yoku asked when he sat himself down at the kitchen table, "Anything new?"

Surogaki shook his head, still reading the newspaper. Yoku smiled, "Well, I've got news for ya Gramps!" Surogaki put down his newspaper to listen to his grandson. "Oh? What is it then?" He asked, interested.

"Remember the crystal puzzle you gave me?" Yoku asked, the grandfather nodded. "I completed it last night!" he exclaimed, smiling a toothy grin. Surogaki smiled, "That's good, Yoku. May I see it?" The blonde teenager took out the crystal necklace from behind his black sweatshirt to show. It shined like a crystal, the red kanji symbol still marked on it. Yoku's grandfather kept his eyes on the necklace. Surogaki clapped, "That's great! I'm proud you had put the puzzle together by yourself!" The two finishes up their breakfast before the teenage boy stood up from his seat.

"Okay! I'm ready to go! I'm going to go see Lord Hokage for a new mission with my team." He said, before heading back upstairs. Surogaki smiled, 'You sure is getting stronger, my grandson.' The blonde teenager barged through his bedroom to pick up his ninja gear before exiting but something caught his attention. He stopped in his tracks as he stood himself in front of a mirror. 'What was that? Was I just seeing things?' Yoku thoughtly asked himself, whirling around to face the desk behind him. Next to the desk he sees a blurry figure leaning against the wall. It looked just like Yoku or better, the kid from his dream.

"W-who are you?" Yoku asked, breaking the silence as he laid his eyes on the mysterious figure. The figure moved to stand up straight, Yoku took out a shuriken in hand. The mysterious figure spoke, "I'm a soul that lives in you." Yoku stared at him wide-eyed, "What?" Yoku let down his shuriken, sliding it carefully in his pouch.

"Y-you're that person who switched places with me last night?" Yoku asked the taller blonde man. The mysterious blonde man nodded, "I was awakened by you last night." Yoku thought for a moment and it came. "Wait, you're here because of this crystal necklace?" He asked the man in front of him. The taller blonde still hasn't changed his facial expression, "I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm awakened since last night."

Yoku walked past the spirit to the bed, he sat on the bed sheets. Looking back at the taller blonde teenager who was watching him. Yoku just stared at him with his mouth hanging open. After a brief moment, he closed his mouth, "What is your name?" The mysterious blonde boy looked at him, "I don't know my name." was his only respond.

The smaller teenager stared at him confused, "You don't know your name? What do you mean?" He questioned him. The spirit sighed and started to walk across the room. Yoku was startled from him moving around but didn't say anything. He ruffled through his hair as he walked up to the window.

"I don't know. I can't seem to remember it. I'm sure I would have remembered my own name if I was ever told...but nothing." said the spirit with sadness in his voice. Yoku looked down at the floor, "Sorry that I asked." The taller blonde turned around to face him and shook his head. "It's nothing." The spirit started, then looking at the clock.

9:43 AM

"I believe you said about leaving." he added before looking back at the smaller boy. Yoku instantly looked up and glanced at the time. "Crap! So little time! I-It's, uhm, nice meeting you, uh" he paused for a moment to think how to properly address him, before he could think of something. The spirit disappeared, it startled Yoku that he'd just go so quickly.

"Was I just seeing things...?" Yoku asked himself, shaking his head in relief. "Must be, I need more sleep." The ninja teenager grabbed his bag and headed out of the room. After saying goodbye to his grandfather, he leaves the house.

[Hokage's room]

"He's unusually late! We're suppose to meet by 10!" a girl whined, glancing at the clock on the wall. She wore a light purple tank top with black shorts down to her knees. She has high ninja boots, wears thin gray gloves. The kunoichi have long brunette hair with teal eyes. The black-haired boy next to her have deep black eyes, black shorts with a loose waist belt and a tight black shirt with the Uchiha crest on the back of his shirt.

"I'm sure he has his reasons for being late, Zakena." the black-haired boy spoke. She just sighed, "Yeah. Unlike Otogi who always have excuses..." she looked up at the sky out of the window. "True." the Uchiha boy said, glancing at the sky with her. Another man is among those two, silver-haired with a jounin vest and navy blue pants just leans against the wall patiently.

"Hey! Zakena! Saruke! Karaki-sensei!" a loud voice was heard by those three, they had a pretty good guess who it is. The blonde teenager finally caught up, panting. "Sorry I'm late! I, er uhm, kinda overslept and got interrupted." He said, coming up with a reasonable excuse for being late. The Uchiha boy was the first to notice the necklace around Yoku's neck and grinned.

"I can see why you're late. You completed that, didn't you?" Saruke asked, putting his arms by his sides. Yoku nodded, "Yep! Last night was the day…heh heh heh!" He said, putting one hand at the back of his head, smiling with little pink in his cheeks. He dropped his hand then he was taken back on what he's feeling around him when they mentioned about his crystal necklace. The dark atmosphere squeezing and filling the hole gaps around the blonde teenager. Yoku was brought back to reality when Karaki cleared his throat.

"Alright! Let shall get our next mission." He said, walking towards the door. He slides it open to let them all enter and closing the door behind them. Karaki was the first to speak, "Lord Hokage, we're here to get our next mission." The Hokage sat at his desk with a feather pen in hand, he stopped working as he sat back in his chair. He wore a long red robe with a light white cloak on top of it and a Kage hat that is red on the front with the kanji symbol mark on it meaning Fire. He has jet-black hair with crimson bangs over his dark brown eyes.

"Karaki Hatake, Saruke Uchiha, Zakena Makano, and Yoku Uzukaze." The four ninjas stepped forward as their names were called. "Okay, all of you are here." the Hokage then checks the paper with the list of missions. "I assign you a B-rank mission on a guarding duty to the White Moon Country. That is the other side of the world from us. Be prepared to be gone at least a month or two!" They nodded in unison and left.

"White Moon Country, huh...Karaki-sensei." Yoku said as the silver-haired man looked at him. "What kind of country is the White Moon Country? Do they have ninjas?" The jounin thought for a moment before answering, "White Moon Country is one of the recent countries that are added to the map around 300 years ago. They have a couple of small villages there, one of them have ninjas. The country has had many problems in the past with other countries, but it has gotten better. However, don't let your guard down. We have no idea who we may be guarding, if this is a guarding mission. It'll likely mean this client will have enemies." Karaki reminded the 3 ninjas.

"I see. The enemy could be a ninja." Saruke remarked, strolling past the entrance doors of the Hokage mansion. Karaki stopped, "Alright you three. We should pack and get ready. You heard the Hokage's precaution on being away for awhile." They nodded in unison. "Meet at the Main Gates by noon." He added while holding up a handsign, before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

"Okay. We should get going, we don't want to be late. You know how Karaki-sensei is for tardiness on a mission." Saruke said, walking off to the direction where his home is. Yoku was about to leave in the opposite direction but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Wait, Yoku-kun. I wanted to ask you about something." Zakena said in a low voice, it left Yoku wondering. "What is it Zakena?" he said. "I thought it'd be better to ask when both Saruke-kun and Karaki-sensei are gone. Ever since you came today, I've been feeling...some weird presence by you. I couldn't see what it was but I know I felt it there." She said, worriedly.

"What do you mean? A presence?" the blonde teenager asked shyly. "I don't know. Since I can sense chakra, that's what I'm feeling. I feel...a massive chakra along with some evil kind of chakra...I don't think it's yours but I think that crystal necklace of yours is a bad omen." Zakena pointed out, Yoku arched his eyebrow.

"Massive chakra? Evil chakra? My necklace is a bad omen?" Yoku repeated, still quite not getting what she's trying to say. The brunette sighed, "Meaning, I think there's evil in your crystal necklace. I can definitely feel that evil chakra...it makes my heart ache whenever I feel it. It feels...sad and lonely."

Yoku Uzukaze looked down at his feet, "I-I don't know. I want to figure this out on my own. By the way, we should get going." He said, telling Zakena off. Zakena nodded and both parted ways.

[Main Gates]

Saruke Uchiha arrived at the gates around the same time as Karaki Hatake did. Unfortunately, the client they were suppose to guard isn't there yet. Just a few moments later, Zakena and Yoku arrived just on time. Zakena searched the area with a confused look in her eyes, "Where's the client?"

"I'm right here!" a distant voice called, startling the 4 ninjas. He looks to be in his 40s, walking up in his sandals with a cap (hat). He has deep blue hair with silver eyes. A small wagon with few people on it is with the man. "I am the person you are to be guarding. Well to be more specfic, my niece. I am Okanu Yuuka."

"I see. Can you fill the gaps on what we're guarding, Mr. Yuuka?" the silver-haired jounin asked the client. Okanu takes off his hat and uses it like a fan, "See. My niece is a princess. Her father sent her to tour around the world. This is the time she'll be coming back home to her country. The problem is, we heard there are enemies and bounty hunters after the princess." He then added, "May I know who you are?"

"Pardon our rudeness. I'm Karaki Hatake, squad leader. This is Yoku Uzukaze." He motions at the blonde-haired boy next to the brunette. "And this is Saruke Uchiha." Pointing at the black-haired boy next to the brunette, then he points at the brunette girl between the two boys. "And lastly, this is Zakena Makano."

Okanu arched an eyebrow, "Uzukaze and Uchiha, huh? I can see I'm in good hands then!" Saruke and Yoku smiled, Karaki nodded. They start to set out for their long journey of a mission.

End of chapter 2! Very Happy

Preview for next chapter: The mission begins, lots of traveling and maybe a few enemies?

The "White Moon Country" is something I made up for this story. I felt that there should be new places, villages and/or countries since it's been 5 thousand years...if you know what I mean.


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Post  Yami Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:54 pm

Chapter 3: Fallen Trap

[Unknown Area]

"Heh heh heh." Low chuckles were heard throughout the cave. There was some rustling, snarling, and the ground shook from heavy pounding on the earth's surface. A person showed up in front of the cave entrance with a long black cloak over his head and a plain black mask covering the face, followed by few other masked people behind too. One of the masked man approached the cave, not stepping a foot in. "Can you feel it? It's coming..." said the masked man with a low husky voice.

"Heh! I can feel it all the way from here! I'm luring them into my trap." said an echoing voice in the cave. Few giant multi-colored dogs came out, showing their vicious white dangerous teeth and snarling. Another person came out from the cave, he have short black hair and a black ninja outfit along with a red-white swirly mask. He slowed down his walking as he came into the clearing, "I will wait patiently for them. I want to see what the boy is made of." He then adds, "Fight them, and lure them to the destinated area where I will be."

The men nodded and parted ways in different directions. The dogs stayed behind with the red-white masked man. The ninja held his hand over his chest; a bright black colored crystal shows up as a necklace, a vision appears in the air of a blonde haired boy walking down the road with other people. He quietly spoke to himself, "I'll be waiting." Then he disappears in a puff of smoke along with the giant dogs.

[Konoha roads]

Yoku, Saruke, Zakena, Karaki, and the client with his company are walking down the road to a train station. A questioned thought crossed Yoku's mind, "Hey Mister Okanu?" The client turned his head to look at him from riding horseback, "What is it, Yoku?"

"This been bothering me some time, uhm, where's the princess?" asked Yoku shyly, the blue-haired man chuckled. "She's in the wagon behind us. Right now, I assume that she's resting. You'll see her soon enough once we arrive for the train." Yoku nodded as they kept going. Saruke who is strolling behind the blonde teenager kept looking around; Karaki took notice of that, "Saruke. I don't think there would be any enemies yet, maybe once we leave far out from Konoha."

Saruke was taken by surprise as the silver-haired jounin called his name, after hearing him out. He replied, "Yeah." They kept going to the train station; their train arrived not too long later as they arrived. The ninja squad had to help Okanu and the people to move things onto the train. As Yoku carried and put away a small sofa, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Yoku, my son!" the voice that made Yoku to look at the doors of the train came a tall blonde man with big bright crimson eyes with his eyes laid on the blonde teenager. Yoku's face lit up to a happy smile, "Hey Dad! Sorry I gotta go, I'm on a mission!" His father nodded with a slight smile on his face as Yoku rushed up the stairs on the other train.

"Next Stop, Kumogakure Postal Office. Next Stop, Kumogakure Postal Office." an electronic-like voice said to the whole train. As they sit in their seats, the train began moving to its next stop. Saruke kept glaring out of the window to the landscape beyond, Zakena and Karaki was reading a book of their own they brought with them for the trip and Yoku sleeps in his seat. Just as they are about to pass a beautiful but gloomy place, Karaki says, "Do you want to hear a story about the place we're about to pass through here?"

Yoku woke up from his short nap, Saruke and Zakena looked in Karaki's direction from what they were doing. Karaki began, "This place is known to be beautiful but is a very gloomy place. Thousands of years ago, two ninjas fought each other to the death whom are the statues there now. Hashirama Senju, the 1st Hokage and Madara Uchiha, the other founder of Konohagakure were the first two that fought. Just a few years after them, another two ninjas fought at a young age. One of them is an Uchiha and the other is unknown but obviously to be the rival of the Uchiha." Then the place Karaki was speaking of came in view, two giant statues stood facing each other on both sides of a small waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall is a fast flowing river cutting through the landscape. Karaki adds, "That place is called 'Valley of the End' or the 'Final Valley'."

The 3 young ninjas looked out of the window in awe at the beautiful place. Karaki continued, "In the past and even now, the river symbolizes as a never ending war between rivalry clans such as Uchiha and Senju." Yoku looked at the jounin with a few questions in mind, "Who was that unknown ninja who fought the second Uchiha?" The silver-haired man shook his head saying he does not know. "If it's what the legend says, he was a jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi and was a powerful, splendid ninja." the jounin added. Yoku asked another, "Was he a Senju?" Again, the Hatake shook his head saying he does not know either.

"This place is old then, huh? That the 1st Hokage fought here..." Zakena said, talking to no one in particular. Karaki nodded, Saruke and Yoku kept glaring out of the window. Saruke nodded, "And the current one is the 183rd Hokage." The blonde teenager asked another, "What happened to those ninjas?" They all looked up and waited for their sensei to answer.

"As I said, the Senju and Uchiha clans are rivals. Many thought Madara Uchiha ended up dead in his battle against Shodai Hokage. However, he made it out alive. The 2nd battle is the most mysterious one; they fought at the age of 13, awhile after the Chunin Exams event occurred. The Uchiha was a sole survivor of his clan that his older brother slaughtered the whole clan. From that, he wanted to avenge his clan by killing his brother. He strayed off the path of good to path of evil and revenge. The Uchiha's rival was said to be in the same squad as him and is his friend. I think they were archrivals after all. Nevertheless, the ninja who fought the young Uchiha survived the deadly battle." said Karaki.

"How did they die?" asked Yoku in a low, shy voice with curiosity in his eyes. Saruke and Zakena waited patiently, Saruke was interested in hearing his clan's past. The silver-haired jounin paused for a moment to recover his memory, "Hashirama Senju, Shodai Hokage died in the 2nd Great Ninja War. The death of Madara Uchiha wasn't confirmed but it was said he died fighting one of the Hokages. The second Uchiha died from old age and the unknown ninja who fought the 2nd Uchiha is unknown on how he died."

"What do they know about this unknown ninja?" the blonde teenage boy asked, wanting more details. "Hmm." Karaki hummed as he paused for a moment before replying, "There were barely any records of him, even his life or anything. This is all we know so far. He was born on the day the Nine Tails Fox namely the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. The 4th Hokage sealed the kyuubi in him on that day. He was an orphan, passed the Graduation Academy Exam and became a Genin at age of 12. He was on a ninja squad called Team 7. Back then, they'd put up ninjas in teams and squads and given their numbers unlike now. One of his teammates, as you know of, was an Uchiha. The name of the sole survivor is Sasuke Uchiha. This ninja had massive chakra that is off the charts, even more surprising is the kyuubi's large amounts of chakra in him too. He became powerful from learning jutsus by one of the Sannin as his teacher and mentor, also controlled the Kyuubi by age of 16. He managed to bring back his archrival friend from the darkness Sasuke was in. It is said that his jutsus is a tradition in learning of his clan. One of the biggest things that was never recorded or found was...his name."

"Huh?" the blonde teenager said as he heard the last part about the ninja's unrecorded name. "He is one mysterious ninja, isn't he?" exclaimed Zakena, the squad leader nodded. "Many people tried for research on this particular ninja and found very few evidences. The strangest thing is his missing name. Many thought he was a Hokage one time when some of the first several Hokages are difficult to find recordings of. The most difficult ones are the 2nd Hokage, 4th Hokage, 6th Hokage, 9th Hokage, 13th Hokage and so on. In fact, this ninja may be the most mysterious, difficult one to research on in Konoha's history." the Hatake added.

The black-haired teenager looked out of the window again; the forest seems to be moving fast. Above the forest are some small mountains and rocky hills with plateaus. Saruke spotted a man dressed in black with a black mask on standing at the top of a rocky hill, watching the train. Suddenly he moved downward the hill towards the train. Saruke acted quickly, "Watch out! An enemy!"

Saruke pulled down the window and leaped out. Yoku, Zakena, and Karaki instantly stopped what they were doing and stood up. Yoku and Zakena followed the Uchiha out of the window as Karaki went to protect Okanu and the people. Another two-masked ninjas came out towards the first one. Each of the Konoha ninja faces their opponents. Saruke glared at the 2nd masked man with spikey dark brown hair at the farthest left. Zakena and the 3rd masked ninja with long red hair clashed their kunais against each other, battling to get the most dominance on the farthest right. On the other hand, Yoku confronts the 1st masked ninja with short green spikey hair in the middle.

"You're mine!" the 3 Konoha ninjas shouted at their chosen enemies to battle on. Saruke began his move, "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" the black-haired boy said as he put his fingers to his mouth while taking a big breath and blowing out flames at his opponent. However, his opponent easily dodged it by sidestepping.

"Hasty, aren't you? Who are you all?" the dark brunette ninja asked. Saruke replied, "Saruke of the Uchiha clan." Then followed after by the blonde teenager's response, "I'm Yoku Uzukaze!" then lastly, the kunoichi answered, "Zakena Makano and who are you?" The three ninjas in black chuckled.

"Heh! I am Kamuyo. It's a pleasure to fight an Uchiha." the dark brunette said. The redhead-masked ninja answered, "I am Tawaki Wasagi." The opponent who Yoku was fighting against replied, "Uzukaze huh? This shall be interesting. My name is Zanako Nakouyuri! I won't go easy on you!" The blonde teenager scowled and gritted his teeth together.

"I'm going to defeat you!" Yoku shouted at Zanako who is having a chuckling fit. "Let's see you try!" the green-haired man remarked, grinning and jumping back onto a tree branch. Yoku dashed forward with both two first fingers crossed as a handsign. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Ten clones popped out, taking a mind of their own. Three clones did a frontal attack while the other 7 clones tries to surround him, Yoku stayed behind the 3 frontal clones. Zanako threw three shurikens at the three clones in front of him, as the clone was about to tackle him from behind. The green-haired masked ninja jumped and flipped over the clone, grabbing the clone's jacket sent the clone flying, crashing into a tree only to poof away a second later. Soon, all the clones were taken down.

Zanako grinned behind his mask, and then jumped back a few steps to try to lure the blonde teenager to where he is going. Yoku growled, "You're not getting away!" and he chased after him. To the left came a loud explosion. Saruke and Kamuyo was having a little chase game too, Saruke threw some senbon needles at a tree with thin chakra on them. Kamuyo chuckled, "You got a poor aim!" The Uchiha boy's face expression hadn't changed as he kept his eyes on what he is doing. He threw a kunai with an explosive tag on it at a rock, but didn't explode. Saruke landed on a log, "I didn't mess up my aim by accident. It was all on purpose." The dark brunette ninja shot his eyes wide. The black-haired teenager smirked, "Take a good look around you."

The masked ninja looked at the area surrounding him, his eyes widen at all the traps around him. Kamuyo growled, "You little Uchiha brat!" Saruke held a chakra string in his right hand, he took a gentle pull of it and the traps activated. The chakra strings and the senbon needles disconnected itself from the trees and wrapped around the brunette ninja along with the explosive tags. Kamuyo continued to shout out insults at the Konoha ninja, Saruke threw a needle at one of the tags to explode. However, it seemed that his body wasn't found after the explosion; Saruke searched the area for the enemy and found him running away yet again. The Uchiha scowled and gave a chase.

Zakena was hiding behind a tree and the redhead ninja named Tawaki is roaming somewhere in the forest. Zakena closed her eyes, holding up a tiger handsign. She is trying to cast a powerful genjutsu on the enemy and it worked. The brunette kunoichi shows up in the mind of the redhead-masked ninja, surprising him with an illusion. The masked ninja went through a series of pain from Zakena's genjutsu but Tawaki somehow escaped her illusions.

"Hey! Where are you going?" the kunoichi shouted after the redhead who is fleeing and Zakena goes off to chase after him.

[Unknown area]

"They're almost here, heh heh heh." A low chuckling was heard, he sat on the ground trying to start up a fire with the giant dogs lying around him. He took off his mask and hid it in his bag, "Come, my old friends, fall into my trap! The other Yoku better come out by then."

He laughed with evilness in his pitch black eyes with fang-like teeth, he looks to be young around the same age as the Konoha ninjas.


The blonde teenage ninja still is chasing the green-haired man who is far out in front of him. A lake came in view to the right, suddenly Zanako stopped running and turned around with a chakra blade in his hands. Yoku quickly took out his kunai for defense and slowed down his running. They came clashing their weapons against each other, the masked ninja swayed his leg to Yoku's gut from the side to push him into the lake.

The young ninja got sent flying into the water and is pulled down by the gravity through the water. Yoku tried to swim but couldn't, there was a lot of pressure on his body and he's trying to hold his breath. Struggling and squirming around in the water to move and try to get back to the surface but he soon gave up as it was no use.

His crystal necklace glowed brightly in the darkness of the water, a blue light engulfed the blonde boy with a glowing red kanji mark on his forehead. Back to the enemy shows Zanako standing on the water with chakra in his feet. Suddenly, the water violently rumbled with force and the waves harshly clashed the rocks and the shore. The green-haired ninja was startled by the sudden action of whatever it was. In the distance, the water started to swirl like a whirlpool until it made a cone-like hole in the water that reaches the seafloor of the lake. At the bottom of the lake stood the blonde teenager with dark blue narrow eyes, 3 distinguishing whisker-like on his cheeks, sleeveless black shirt instead of a black sweatshirt and dark orange sweatpants.

'He suddenly changed...! What is he?!' Zanako thought, watching Yoku in the water. 'But that doesn't matter.' Zanako grinned behind his mask, "Are you going to fight or what!?" The blonde teenage ninja jumped into the air, above the water as the hole quickly reverted back to normal. Nevertheless, the waves hadn't calmed down; its still crashing harshly and moving quickly like a fast-moving river because of the chakra force. He landed on the water on his feet, running chakra through them. The taller blonde glared at the masked ninja and grinned, "Bring it on!"

End of chapter 3!

Preview for next chapter: Zanako vs. the mysterious taller blonde side of Yoku, they soon face the red-white masked man and...a dark battle?

I added the train because its a modern technology...and they had a train in Naruto Movie 1 ;P and the "Kumogakure Postal Office" is also something I made up. Kumogakure is a real place in Naruto which is the Cloud Village/Lightning Country.


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Chapter 4: Battle of Darkness

[On the lake]

The green-haired masked ninja and the tall blonde teenage ninja stood facing each other on top of the water. Massive chakra starts to become visible from the mysterious blonde teenage ninja. Zanako stared blankly at his opponent; it's obvious that Yoku had suddenly changed. He just pushed away the fact as he ran some handsigns. He slammed his right palm to the surface of the water, "Water Style: Tsunami Rampage!"

The waves started to move faster and higher, forming into tsunamis, the water peaks seemed to reach the sky as it came crashing down on top of Yoku. However, the Konoha ninja didn't move or to even dodge; he just stood there with his massive chakra going wild. Once the tsunamis had died down due to the jutsu's ending effect, Yoku was seen unharmed and still standing on the surface of the water. The green-haired ninja widened his eyes before reverting back to his serious face. "You're the first person to be able to withstand that jutsu." Zanako spoke of a fact. He then thought, 'This will be more difficult than I thought. I underestimated him, however, he...'

Yoku's swift move interrupted his thoughts, putting his hands in front of him as two index fingers crossed each other. As he dashed forward, "Shadow Clone Jutsu." To Zanako's surprise, he made more clones than Yoku did earlier; hundreds of clones surround the green-haired ninja. The enemy ninja smirked behind his mask; he leapt into the air running through some handsigns, "Water Style: Reverting Whirlpool!"

The water in the middle of the empty space where Zanako used to stand sprouted in the air then spreaded out to wipe out the clones. Some were wiped out but not all of them were. Yoku still stood unharmed and standing; he outstretched his palm behind him. A clone behind Yoku quickly dashed forward as the clone started to form some chakra swirl in his hands; but Yoku went for something else. He grabbed a kunai, couple of giant shurikens, and a chakra blade out of the pouch. Ignoring the clone's actions, Yoku dashed forward as Zanako landed on the water again only to jump back.

"Don't you see that Water jutsus doesn't work on me." The tall blonde ninja said more like a statement than a question. He threw his giant shuriken and chakra blade. Zanako tried to duck but the chakra blade got the collar on the back of his ninja shirt, he was sent flying into a tree. The chakra blade sticked in the tree as the enemy ninja hung with a giant shuriken coming his way. Zanako lifted his feet and legs as if he were about to flip over, the giant shuriken struck the tree below him.

He widened his eyes as he saw another giant shuriken coming right behind the first. 'I didn't see that second shuriken! Is this a jutsu?' thought Zanako as moved his free hand to grab the shuriken. Suddenly, a kunai went by the enemy ninja's neck as the Konoha ninja stood behind the tree. "You're finished." was all Yoku said as a stab was heard.

[Unknown Area]

"I see, Kamuyo and Tawaki both got taken down-" one of the dog's barks interrupted the raven-haired ninja. "Zanako is down too, huh?" The dog whimpered, putting its head between their paws as the dog lied down. Low chuckles were heard from the raven-haired man. He grinned that showed his long fanged teeth (*A/N:He's not a vampire, just part of his clan features*).

"I underestimated them quite a bit. This other Yoku is coming quite nicely, too bad he doesn't even remember or he would have finished Zanako off with that jutsu a clone was about to do..." he smirked, watching a vision from his necklace of Saruke and Zakena jumping through the forest while the other Yoku stood around.

"You should not overlook anything, watch carefully." said a voice that appeared next to the raven-haired ninja. The spirit is around the raven head's height, he have short black hair along a black outfit with a black hooded cloak. He wears an orange swirly mask with one eyehole on the right.

[Lake shore/Forest edge]

The tall blonde teenager stood by the green-haired masked ninja who is lying on the ground, motionless and bleeding from his neck and chest. The red kanji on the crystal necklace glowed as Yoku reverted to his normal self. He blinked a few times, "What just happened?" The blonde teenager asked himself and wondering why he does not remember and how Zanako is in this condition.

"I better go find Saruke and Zakena." Yoku said before jumping through the trees. 'What really happened? I can't remember anything after I was pulled in the water. There's some blank memory as if I was unconscious or something..." He gritted his teeth in frustration.

Not long later the three Genins found each other. The brunette of the group spoke up, "So the enemies we fought are down?" Yoku nodded until Saruke spoke up, "Not quite. Kamuyo mentioned about their leader of some sort." Yoku just stood, not saying anything. Zakena looked up at the sky only to see a gray smoke rising just a few miles from them. "Look! Maybe that's where the enemy hideout is?" She said, pointing a finger at the sky.

"I don't think it's the enemy, they wouldn't give any hints of their hiding spot." The Uchiha said, watching the smoke, "But it wouldn't hurt to go and see." Saruke added. They nodded and started to move towards the smoke. They have been leaping and jumping through the trees for a few miles now. They quietly snuck behind the bushes when the smoke is just the other side.

They took a peek of what is going on past those bushes; they see a black-haired man in black sitting by the fire with giant dogs lying around. Zakena's eyes lit up, "Is that...!" She began in surprise. Yoku just smiled and nodded, "Yeah. That's Kazujo!" The blonde teenager stood up from kneeling and headed towards the black-haired man named Kazujo. "Wait Yoku-kun! You shouldn't-" Zakena knew it was useless to finish her sentence when Yoku probably can't hear her, "Baka!" Saruke shook his head and both followed the blonde.

"Hey Kazujo!" the blonde shouted, having the raven head whirl around. He smiled and waved, "Hey old bud! Good to see you again!" His voice sounded little different, more innocent and pure than before. Saruke walked up behind the blonde, "Yeah. Since, what, the Academy days?" Zakena nodded before she spoke, "How have you been doing, Kotonashi-kun?" Kazujo still smiled as he gave wink-like eyes for a moment before reopening them again.

"I'm great. Just chilling on my day off from missions and such. You guys on a mission?" The three Genins nodded in response before sitting themselves around the campfire. 'This Kazujo guy I've known him since Ninja Academy. He was one of students who are at the top of our classes. His name is actually Kotonashi Akuma but we call him Kazujo because of his connection to dragons of his clan. He's a really nice, friendly guy.' Yoku Uzukaze thought before Kazujo said something, "I bet you're all hungry?"

Once he said that, the three Genins' stomachs growled when mentioned of the word hungry. The raven-head laughed, "I take it that's a yes." Then they all laughed. "Good thing you're just in time for supper!" Kotonashi clapped his hands as he stood up, vanishing behind the trees. 'Heh heh heh, they're falling for it! I shall get that suishou necklace from Yoku then I'll collect the rest of them!' thought Kazujo evilly, 'My innocence act is going to trick them good, ha!' He smirked as he got some drinks and secretly dropped some pills in them.

"Hmm, I wonder what's taking Kazujo so long..." Yoku slowly said, looking up at the sky turning dark blue. The kunoichi said, "You know he's a little clumsy! He takes his time. Remember, he's doing this for us!" The Uchiha, however, sensed something odd about this little reunion meeting. The raven-haired Uchiha isn't about to let his guard down. They turned to look at the bushes when they heard rustling.

The Akuma boy with an innocence look on his face came out carrying food and drinks. He smiled when he saw the Genins' faces of food. He sat himself down before passing the food around the fire. "Hope you enjoy your supper!" said the black-haired boy before they all began to eat. Mentally Kotonashi smirked with an evil look in his eyes, as he knew what's coming next.

Around half an hour later, the 3 ninja friends of Kazujo's finished their meals and drinks. It seems they haven't detected anything about the pills that was in the drinks, which is now in their bodies. A low sound came to the four ninjas around the campfire, it sounded like the ringing of bells. The black-haired boy smirked as the three Genins listened in confusion.

"What's that sound?" The brown-haired girl exclaimed, looking around her surroundings. Kazujo chuckled as his narrowed his eyebrows; he moved his hands in front of his chest, which came a shiny black crystal necklace with a red kanji marked on it that is similar to Yoku's. The blonde teenage ninja gasped, "That's- !"

Before the Uzukaze could continue, a dark purple energy chakra formed a dome-like around them. "Activate!" The raven-head said as the three Genins' eyes widened and didn't move. 'I can't move! Is this one of his tricks?' Saruke thought, trying to move his body. Soon they were knocked out except the mischievous boy. His black crystal necklace glowed as the other Kazujo took over with an orange mask instead of a red-white mask.

"Finally. The dark is now activated. That suishou necklace is now mine!" He chuckled evilly as he walked towards Yoku who is lying on the ground unconscious. Just as the other Kazujo put his right hand over the blue crystal necklace around the blonde's neck, the red kanji glowed brightly as the other Yoku also took over.

The raven-head took a step back before the tall blonde ninja opened his eyes with a stern look on his face, he stood up. Yami Yoku glared at Yami Kazujo in front of him, "If it's a Battle of Darkness, then I'll be your opponent!"

The man with his orange swirly mask did not move, "You've shown yourself, the "other" Yoku! I've been waiting for you!" He huffed as he took his stance. However, the tall blonde teenager just stood there with his arms crossed.

"Yes. This is a Battle of Darkness..." The orange-masked man said as three chakra spheres shows up at the sidelines of the three young ninja's souls in their body forms. Yami Yoku gritted his teeth as he watched them appear. "If you win, I'll release these souls. But if I win, I'll take possession of the Suishou Puzzle necklace."

"Suishou...Puzzle necklace?" the tall blonde questioned him as he clutched the crystal necklace around his neck. "You're not the only one in this world to have a suishou item. There are eleven suishou items in total, each in different colors. We both have one, the black and blue. Each suishou item have powers. Yoku, do you not remember about these suishou necklaces at all?" Yami Kazujo asked to his blonde opponent. Yoku stared at him with confusion in his eyes, he then thought, 'Was I suppose to remember something? Does he know something that I don't?'

"I see. No wonder you can't remember after all of these years." The raven-haired man spoke, and then he added, "Enough talk...what's left is the battle." The tall blonde teenager scowled as he narrowed his eyes. Yoku, Saruke, and Zakena watched in confusion as they watch Yami Yoku and Yami Kazujo fight. The brunette wondered, 'Why are there two Yoku-kuns and two Kotonashi-kuns? Something tells me they aren't really Yoku and Kotonashi...I know they aren't! It's the same presence and chakra I felt near Yoku! What's going on?'

"Mou...hitori no...boku..." The small blonde teenage slowly said as he watched them fight, he tightened his fists. He heard about everything before they actually fought. 'Why doesn't mou hitori no boku remember? How does this "suishou items" have to do with this?' Yoku thought in his chakra sphere room.

Yami Yoku and Yami Kazujo clashed their kunais before parting only to clash kunais against each other again. The tall blonde teenager threw a punch at his opponent's face but it went through him. "What?" said Yami Yoku surprised. "Those kinds of attacks won't work on me, Yoku." Yami Kazujo said as he went behind Yami Yoku, the blonde ninja whirled around and both clashed their kunais.

They fought for dominance with the weapons; when Yami Yoku took a good look at the other Kazujo's eye behind the mask, it showed to be red with three black comas in a ring of the eye. 'What is that eye...? I have a feeling that I've seen it before...' thought the taller blonde teenage boy.

The black-haired man took a few steps back, his black crystal necklace glowed like crazy that it even moved. The blonde ninja could hear muffled shouts that weren't from his opponent, it sounded like Kazujo himself! "AAH! Get back! I won't let you take over!" said an echoing voice from the suishou necklace. The orange-masked man clutched his chest as if he's in pain. An idea then hit Yami Yoku, 'If the power of his suishou item can pull people's souls from their bodies, maybe the Suishou Puzzle item can put them back...'

The taller blonde teenage ninja outstretched his hand as some purple energy chakra came from his crystal necklace attacking the other Kazujo's black crystal necklace. "This battle is not over yet, Yoku! We will continue this some other time!" said Yami Kazujo before being swapped with real Kotonashi. The purple dome-like vanished as they arrive back to reality and the chakra spheres disappeared.

The tall blonde teenager left as the small teenage boy took over again. He woke up quickly as a sharp pain went to the back of his head; he moved his arm back and rubbed his head before taking a look around the campfire site. Kazujo, Saruke, and Zakena are lying on the ground. Yoku heard a moan from the innocent raven-haired boy as he tried to sit up.

"You alright, Kazujo?" said Yoku as he went over to help his friend. He nodded in response before standing himself up on the ground. The small blonde ninja asked Kazujo, "Where'd you get that necklace?" He looked down at his black suishou item, "My father found it in the Valley of the Dead; I've had this since I was 9. He thinks I am destined to have it. Ever since then, there's this other me in my body."

"I got this crystal puzzle necklace 8 years ago when my Grandfather went to a cave of a tomb in a valley near the Hokage Mountain. I didn't complete it until October 10th which was a few days ago. Like you, I think there's another me in my heart like he's guiding me." explained Yoku as the Akuma boy smiled and nodded.

They instantly looked towards where they heard Saruke and Zakena moving to sit up. "Huh...I thought there were two Yoku-kuns and two Kotonashi-kuns, was it really a dream?" the brunette kunoichi said to herself. Yoku and Kazujo froze; they don't know what to say. Kotonashi smiled, "Sleep well?" The Uchiha teenager said nothing.

"I think we should start heading back, we have a mission to do." spoke the blonde ninja as he began to walk. He stopped and turned around, "Thanks Kazujo for everything! Supper was delicious!" The three Genins smiled and waved before leaving to go find Karaki-sensei and the train.

End of chapter 4!

Preview for the next chapter: They meet the princess and maybe the ending of their mission.

-Water Style: Tsunami Rampage and Water Style: Reverting Whirlpool are both jutsus I made up.

-Kazujo/Kotonashi Akuma is also another OC of mine, he's partly Itazuk(my cousin)'s OC also.

-Valley of the Dead is another place I made up.

-Kazujo's personality: He is actually an innocent boy, smirking and evil chuckling are actually from his other self, Yami Kazujo had a little control over him.

- Suishou = crystal in Japanese

- Mou hitori no boku = "the other me" in Japanese

-Bells are actually the sound coming from Kazujo's black suishou necklace. Just a sound.

-Remember that Yami Yoku has no memories of anything about his past, he shares the same memories as the real Yoku have, that is why he was able to do Shadow Clone jutsu. Somehow, Yami Kazujo is different, he have some of his memories.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Smile


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