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Colored Differences

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Colored Differences Empty Colored Differences

Post  Yami Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:52 pm

The title is just....durky XD. Anyways, here's a little on what this story is about.

Title: Colored Differences
Rating: PG-13 (slight violence and very slim language...otherwise okay)
Setting: Takes place early 2000s, in a town-village of New York.
Genre(s): General, Drama, little Sci-Fi, Humor, Action/Adventure, and little Futuristic.
Written By: Yami/6zuzie6. Realistically known as C.A.C. / J.A.R.
Summary: A young girl named Aileen had a troublesome childhood which she once thought it was normal, but it wasn't. She was a troublemaker in elementary and everyone knew her because of that. But no one knew then, that she had MPD or modernly known as DID. Aileen have to deal with MPD now but what obstacles comes her way?
Important Notes: This is relatively on a true story of my life but there's some fictional parts here (sci fi things and future that never happened yet, that's all)
MPD, aka, Multiple Personality Disorder or now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It's when a person have more than one personality or alters. Even each personality have their own backgrounds, different from others. This is a rare case but believe it or not, it's a real disorder. I, myself, have this disorder.
-I am not going to give out my personal info, so my name here is actually one of my middle names. Some other might be false. My birthdate isn't here.

Narrator lines are in italics, mostly narrated by Aileen.

Chapter 1

This is year 2027, here I want to tell you a story that happened many years ago. It all began in 1999 or maybe, even before that... But I will start from the beginning.

In the blooming spring of 1995, I was born on May 4th at around 10 o'clock in the morning. My mother was crying with happiness as my father held her hand. I was a healthy newborn girl, another new addition to the family.

When I was around 2 and half years old, I attended preschool until 1999. I was very quiet and shy, I rarely spoke unless a teacher or a really good friend talked to me. But I knew what I was suppose to do when it came to activities and yet, I rarely listened to anything. All I learned was by watching.

Then it came September 2001, the year when I started First Grade. The starting year I began my troublemaking tactics. I would kick, scream, punch, spit, bite, lie, and steal. Oh, I probably did other things too. I remember when I walked by a table with girls surrounding a laptop that played games for kids. Just as I went by, I quickly pressed a button (I don't remember what) and ran but surely, I got caught. There was even times I would play Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! card playing games at school before it was banned. I remember stealing some cards. Only in 3rd grade, some new boy stole all of my YuGiOh cards which I got back in return...but also stole a few of his that wasn't mine for payback. I was good at playing YuGiOh until 6th grade when I threw them away.

I transferred to a new school when I'm in 4th grade, the kids there were harsh than the other school I went to. I still continued being a troublemaker. I almost completely grew out of it when I was in 6th grade but I grew out of it completely when I started middle school (7th grade).

Well, to tell you that during my elementary years. I've had two outside of school suspensions and one inside of school suspensions. Only one of the causes of me getting a OSS was I shoved a kid named Luke to a wall because he kept blocking my way... Ha ha, even I'm a troublemaker. I'm usually the one who gets in trouble. I also remember stealing a boy's, who I hated, house keys. I was going to throw them out in the trash but for some reason, I didn't. Yup, caught and was lectured.

Or was it really me? Back then, I could remember a lot of things. Now, middle school was crazy tough-not the work but otherwise tough. I only remembered half of the time I had in middle school actually. Here in this time, it all began.

•Year May 2008 - 7th grade Math• ▬ ○Jamrin's POV○

I was leaning back in the chair. The class I hated the most, Math. Funny, the math teacher I got this year is awesome unlike many math teachers. So, I admit it. It was alright fun but I tell you. I suck at math. I loathe it with passion but at least I'm passing the dumb regents.

"How many quarts are in the Gallon guy?" Few of us snickered. Ms. Oman was drawing a huge fat G on the chalkboard to represent the huge 'Gallon Guy'. Here's something to make this funny...

"There's 4 quarts. And if it's a guy with 4 quarts in him. Is he pregnant then?" The class then was howling in laughter. I was smirking at the teacher. Yup, that was my answer.

"Very funny. Enough!" My smirk only got wider until she had us do independent work time on the homework that's due next class. I tell ya, I'm the clown of 7th grade Math with an awesome teacher. Just one thing, always do all the work or get a fat forty. A forty! Most of her homework are easy but I'm not known to work on homework at all unless I find them entertaining. I hate hard work, so I just slack off.

The very next class was History. Hmm, History's alright. We were watching a movie about Kunta, an african who became a slave. The guy got a long name but I only remember 'Kunta'. I got mad when my teacher told me that my guidance counselor pulled me out of class.

"Okay, Mr. Ruston," I whispered huskily under my breath. I had to kept myself from growling. I liked movies, not boring junk. And the movie I was watching was cool to watch, I didn't want to be drawn away from it like a dog.

I lazily strutted down the hallway towards the flippin' main office. This was nothing new, I've visited the main office at least every week or so. There she was, standing by the desk talking to the head secretary. That secretary is hilariously funny just like her name, Mrs. McLaughlin. Very fitting for her I must say. Now this woman escorted me to her office, as usual.

"I called you down today because you have been late to school recently," I kept quiet. Yeah, I've been running late to school. My mother didn't have a job at the time until 2009 when she finally found one. So she had to drive me to school whenever I overslept or missed the bus.

"What is wrong? Do you not like school? Is there anything we can do to make it better?" Mrs. Sterling asked, sounding serious. I mentally groaned and scoffed at this.

"There's nothing wrong. Just off-school problems." I answered flatly, not caring just so I can get out of here.

"Off-school problems? Like?" Of course she's asking that, I scowled.

"Hmm, let's see. Mom fighting with me about not getting up in the morning. Not doing homework, pushing me to get better grades. All she can ever do is fight with me. We can never have a normal conversation anymore. I want her off my back." I ranted, scowling. Then she got up and went over to her laptop. Now what? I heard the printing thing go on and print some paper.

She got up from that comfy chair and got the paper from the printer before giving it to me with a pen. It was some kind of test with bunch of questions on it.

"What's this? A test?" I asked, gripping the pen hard.

"You took this just last week or two, answer it honestly. No, it's not a test." I looked back at the paper. It looked more like a multiple choice with Yes/No/Maybe choices.

The first thing started off with 'Name'. I played with the pen in my hands before jotting it down on the paper:
'Jamrin A. Redwoods'

~To Be Continued...~

What you think? ^_^ Yes, the teachers' names are real. I'm not giving away with firsts though or either that I forgot... Mrs. Sterling had me and Jamrin to take some kind of test (like you take when you go see a pyshician doctor yearly).


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Colored Differences Empty Re: Colored Differences

Post  Yami Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:23 pm

Chapter 2

○Jamrin's POV○

This is odd. This isn't like anything I've took before. It's like a test asking about me... Age? Simple answer. Thirteen. Birthdate? Another simple answer. May Fourth. It's all pretty much simple questions and answers like that. I fiddle around the pen in my hand as I read on. I gave Yes and No answers to the multiple choice now. 'Are you depressed?'. I scoffed and scribbled in the No circle. 'Do you like school?'. Of course, that question... If I answered No, she'd pressure on me about it. Wait a minute, did she say I took this weeks ago?

"Mrs. Sterling?" She hummed in response as she turned away from her laptop.

"What'd you mean I took this weeks ago?" I asked, bewildered. I never took any test like this! Except the stupid doctor... But seriously?! A same kind of test at freaking school? Nothing's making sense now.

"Yes. You took the very same test one or two weeks ago." The woman replied. I just stared at her. I gripped the pen and gritted my teeth.

"But. I never took any thing like this!" I was almost shouting, she had me to sit back down. I did as told.

"Just finish up and I will tell you later." My jaw slackened as I looked back down at the paper. I bit my lip before continuing. Now it's back to written responses. 'What do you want to do with your life?' 'What do you want to do for a job?' Easy questions. So i scribbled down exactly what I have in mind: Actor and an Egyptologist. That's right. Both. It's possible. I put the pen down on the paper when I finished it. Then I was dismissed back to class.

Well, that didn't take too long after all. As long the movie wasn't over. I'm glad I got to watch something of it before the school ends.

•The very next day. 6:30am•

So, here's the routine of middle school. I get up at around six thirty in the morning for school. Then I get outside at around seven thirty-five to catch the bus and we arrive at school by around eight o'clock. Then school would start just 5 minutes afterwards.

I was peacefully asleep, undisturbed. Just like I wanted to be, like I am on the weekends. School mornings is one of the things I hate the most. I hear the deafening blaring from the alarm clock. I slammed my hand on the alarm to turn it off and went straight back to sleep. I've always done this.

Then my mother would have to get into my room and try to get me out of bed. I refuse to move until around few minutes before seven. She'd try to drag me out of my bed by the ankles. Then at some point, I woke up and shouted at her.

"Rewi nebwet nur sedjer!" Then I tried to get myself comfortable and I wasn't touched again that day. She told me later that day she had called the school that I was sick. I just stared at her but shrug it off. I wasn't even pretending to be ill! Sure I have faked to be sick before, but really. Why call the school and lie that I was sick?

•Night time. Later that day.• ○Aileen's POV○

I was sitting back in the green chair by the plasma screen TV. I was clutching my head with my hand. I had a bad headache. I seemed to have more headaches than an average person does and I have no idea why.

My mom had me stay home because of my headache today. I had had some chicken noodle soup for dinner and right now, I just want to sleep. I went over to the couch and instantly went to sleep for 3 hours straight.

•A week later. Tuesday.• ○Aileen's POV○

This was the day that changed my life...

I was at lunch, chatting away with my friends. It was nearing June and that meant, only 3 weeks left of school until summer! We're excited about it, already.

Lunch ended and my next class was Study Hall, yay? I guess I will just read the book I just took out from the library. As soon as I arrived in the classroom. The male teacher, Mr. Deekson told me that Mrs. Sterling wanted to see me during this period. I've enjoyed talking to her.

"Okay Mr. D," I answered as I got my pass to go down to the main office to see her. I smiled as I walked in.

"Afternoon Mrs. McLaughlin." I said, she smiled back at me.

"Why hello there young lady." I showed her the pass that was in my agenda and let me go. I walked down the hallway, passing two doors to her office. I gave a gentle knock on the door that was open before entering.

"Hi Mrs. Sterling. You wanted to come see me?" I asked as I walked up to her desk. We've been good friends through middle school. She smiled brightly at me.

"How are you, Aileen?" She asked as she grasped the folder and took it with her as she stood up.

"I'm alright, you?" I replied back.

"Very well. Thank you. Follow me," She insisted as she escorted me out of her office. We walked back down to the hallway, she stopped me before opening a different door on the very same hallway. It was a medium big room with a large oval oak table with cushioned chairs around it. It looked like some kind of a meeting room.

All of my teachers were there, my parents, the speech teacher, and even the principal was there! I suddenly got nervous upon seeing them all there. Mrs. Sterling just patted my shoulder.

"Don't worry. It will be fine," She reassured me but it didn't wash away the worries as if why I am here. I sat down at the other end of the table from the principal. With Mrs. Sterling sitting next to me on my right and Mrs. Valentine, my speech teacher, on my left. I looked around the room and looked at everyone's sincere face expressions. I had a tiny knot in my stomach.

"Miss Aileen, we're all gathered today of an important meeting because it concerns about you," Mrs. Sterling began. I still have no idea what she was talking about. Then she took out two folders with papers in each one. One folder was labeled with my name on it and the other was labeled with I have never heard of before; 'Jamrin A. Redwoods'. I looked at the woman for an explaination.

"Do you remember this that you took three weeks ago?" She handed me the paper with a bunch of questions on it. I nodded. Then she took out the very same paper but it was someone else's. Why was she giving me someone else's test? I don't understand what was she doing, wasn't, whoever the person is, his or her privacy of what was written on the test?

"Before you read them. We have someone to bring in," Mr. Sheitz, the principal, said. A tall woman with long wavy red hair and auburn eyes came in with a briefcase in her hand.

"Hi, pardon me for being late," She said loudly before sitting herself down in between on of my teachers. "My name is Dr. Waters. I am a therapist who helps patients with certain disorders."

"Certain disorders? What does this have to do with me?" I asked, being very confused by all of this.

"Based on the tests you've taken, your behavior, anything about you. We believe that you have MPD." Mrs. Sterling spoke.

"M-P-D? What does that mean?" I asked, confused.

"Multiple Personality Disorder. Or now known as DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder." Dr. Waters answered. I just blinked my eyes a few times. Multiple Personality Dis- What?!

~To Be Continued...~

Dun dunn dunnn. Just so you know, Dr. Waters isn't my therpaist now but she was when she started with me.


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Colored Differences Empty Re: Colored Differences

Post  Yami Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:28 pm

Chapter 3

"Huh?" I said in disbelief. What the heck are they trying to put over my head just now?

"You have MPD. We do not know what caused it as there are no conclusion to what triggered it. This is a rare case when MPD just asides with somebody," Dr. Waters explained but I still did not understand. I could feel my blood boil but I know that I'm not getting angry. Just confused with the sudden confession...

(○Jamrin's POV○)

"What the hell!" I stood up suddenly, making my fists pound on the table with a bonk! I glared at them, so looked at me with disapproval expressions but I didn't care! Who are these people who can just waltz in and claim I have which I don't have!

"You must be mistaken Dr. Watson but I don't have MD! I am just fine, there's nothing wrong with me and-"

"Sit down!" Mr. Sheitz said in a harsh tone. I glowered and sat down. I positioned myself in the chair.

"First of all, you should not be using any foul language in this room miss!-"

"Miss? I'm-"

"Two, don't interrupt me." He finished, raising his voice. Dang it, he looked so ticked off! Ha ha. Well this is hilarious. So I kept quiet.

"I take it you're Jamrin," The redhead woman said, holding a hand out in front of me. I just glared at it.

"Yeeeah." I said flatly in my bored attitude.

"I am Dr. Waters. It's not MD. It is MPD. I will have you go home after this meeting but on one condition." She said in her sincere tone, why is she taking this so serious?

"Hukn?" I muttered. I saw some of the teachers giving me an odd look.

"You will have to see me tomorrow at one."

"You? Why? What for- I have school tomorrow." Then I was rambling with questions at her, not that I care. I'd rather be with my friends than this...piece of dirt joke!

"It's an appointment, your father will take you. I expect you to be there." I just rolled my eyes at her demand.

"Sure, yeah yeah."

"I'm serious mister." I gave her one last glare. Then she picked up some papers and shove it in front of me.

"Read them and compare. I want you to tell me what is on your mind as you go through this." I looked back down at the ruffle of papers on the table. My jaw slackened and went through them.

"First off, who's Aileen?" I asked. Staring at the paper with a fancy handwriting. Wait a minute! This is the same dumb test I took with Mrs. Stirring! Wait, Mrs. Sterling, my bad.

"She is the other personality, the host of the body." Dr. Waters replied. I just skimmed them. When I was done...

"This is some kind of joke." I said what's exactly on my mind right then.

"Is it, mister Redwoods? I want you to think about this before you come see me tomorrow. I will talk to you tomorrow." She turned to Mr. Sheitz and some other teachers and talked to them. I was dismissed so I can go back home then with my father. We were silent on the way home.

"Look son, I do not want you using that language on the school grounds again." He said to me before I went upstairs to my bedroom.

I threw my backpack to the bed which fall off the bed on the way. What the kangaroo had gone wrong?

~To Be Continued...~


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Post  Yami Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:38 pm

Chapter 4

Right now, I'm sitting in this plain chair in a dumb waiting room. I swung my leg over my other leg and waited with my arms crossed. Here I was with my father and mother. This is just a total waste of time... no wonder my siblings ditched, dang it! Then again, I ditched when they have appointments.

They always take forever! A doctor's office is way worse, you could be waiting for three hours for a freaking appointment!

I glared over my shoulder when I heard 'my' name called... I blinked hard and got up. I strutted over to the lady who called for 'me'. She led me to Dr. Waters' office. It's quite posh actually.

I slumped down on one of the sofas with a bunch of pillows. The redhead woman was just writing away on her notepad...thing.

"Good Afternoon, mister Redwoods." greeted Dr. Waters as she turned to me.

"Biaw," I said quickly before thinking, then changing, "Hello."

The therapist woman cocked her head at me with her solid brown eyes. Being gazed like that didn't bother me at all. They're all the same. One slip, they give me odd looks. Ha! No one even knows what I was speaking in anyways...

"Was that Egyptian I heard?" I stared at her in shock. How in the world did she know that!? No one ever knew what I was talking in. Besides, it's not even Egyptian-Arabic language.

"Wha- How did you- Huh?" I couldn't even get a proper sentence out of my mouth...how stupid.

"I know a few basic things. See, many of my patients knows more than one language. I know you know two languages fluently, correct?" She asked, as if she had just read my mind.

"I see..." Then Dr. Waters took out a journal notebook kind of thing from the desk drawer. She passed it to me, I just stared at it confused.

"This could be like your private journal, like a diary." The woman explained. I looked back down at the cover. It was crimson red with some kind of green colo- olive on it. I flipped the cover where I see the first blank page.

"Um, you won't read anything I write, right? Actually, um, how much do you know about Egyptian?" I asked her huskily.

"No, of course not. If you want to talk about what you write, then I'm willing to listen. Anything you write is safe between you and your journal. I only know some basic words such as greetings. I won't be able to read heiroglyphics if that's what you're asking." answered Dr. Waters.

I looked back down and began scribling what was on my mind at the time. First off, I started with the date: 52308. Which you can translate that to 5/23/08. I don't use spaces or breakers between the numbers, that's just how I am.

I'm not even writing English in this journal, I'm writing in my native language. Egyptian, using heirogluphs which people call them as pictographs to communicate. I am not even gonna tel you what I wrote so far. It took at least ten minutes and I already got two pages filled in. Well, that's a start, right?

I spent another forty-five with her. See, these appointments are usually an hour or two long, not too bad...still I'd say being with friends or playing video games is better than this, heh heh.

Thank god, it's Friday so I have the whole weekend off, yeah!

•Saturday, mid-day, Home• ○Jamrin's POV Cont.○

I was up already, it's past lunch and I was playing some music. I had brought myself to be dancing and singing to every song I hear... yup, every song.

"Well you think that you can take me on...You must be crazy!" One of my favorite songs came on, I'm always wild with this one.

"There ain't a single thing you've done
That's gonna phase me
Oh, but if you want to have a go
I just want to let you know

Yeah get off of my back and into my game
Get out of my way and outta of my brain
Get out of my face or give it your best shot
I think it's time you better face the fact
Get off of my back

You know it's all just a game that I'm playing
Don't think that you can't find a way in
That's what I'm saying
Oh, but if you want to have a go
I just want to let you know

Oh, get off my back and into my game
Get out of my way and outta my brain
Get out of my face or give it your best shot
I think it's time you better face the fact
Get off of my back

Oh, if you want to have a go
I just want to let you know

Get off, Get off, yeah!
Get off of my back and into my game
Get out of my way and outta my brain
Get out of my face or give it your best shot
You know this train is coming off this track
Get off of my back

Yeah! Get off of my back
Get off, yeah ooh
Get off, get off, get off, get off,
Get off, get off, get off,
Get off of my back!
" I pounded my fist to the floor as I finished singing as soon as the song ended. What a nice rap. Ive written songs many times before.

"Jamrin! No pounding on the floor!" I hear my mother call up the stairs, I shouted shouted back a 'yeah'.

I smirked when I saw some paper under my bed. I took a pen and wrote something on it.

~To Be Continued...~

I do not own Get Off My Back by Byran Adams!


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