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Remember Again [Song by Rin]

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Remember Again [Song by Rin] Empty Remember Again [Song by Rin]

Post  Yami Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:21 pm

Hi this is a song I worked on. It's pretty much done now. (Hence I already did a lil music go-go with it ;P)
[This is more dedicated to someone I know...so yeah.]

(Soft tune)
Feeling the air around me... Unable to lift me up

Leave me lying here... Oh, just leave me.
Leave me, leave me, just leave me here.

I cannot stand up again or I will just fall again...
(tune gets more bold slowly)
All of my hopes are gone or so I thought.

What's my goal now? I had given up. There's no goal. No step to take anymore now.

What's there to fight for? I have my freedom. I'm no longer a soldier▬fighting to be free.
Oh, just to be free, to be free, to be free.

I got no light to grasp for now... Remember who you are!
Oh, remember, remember, remember who you are...

(instrumental, gets softer)
(gets more bold/powerful rapidly as it get closer to the lyrics)

Yeah...maybe that's worth fighting for. Remember who you are.
Remember, remember, remember who you are...

So, stand up now! 'Cause we have a new goal now▬something worth fighting for.
Take your best step now! To remember who you are! Yeaaaaah!

(end instrumental, back to soft tune and fades out)

I sang this with my guitar Smile

Hope you like, comments? Razz


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