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Forever and Always (Done)

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Forever and Always (Done) Empty Forever and Always (Done)

Post  kaerlighed on Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:14 pm

This story was written for a fanfiction site I am a member of. The character's are members of the band Tokio Hotel, singer Bill Kaulitz and his brother, the guitarist, Tom Kaulitz.

I will warn you there is a death in this story, but nothing is discrptive. I rated it pg13 on the fiction site.


(first written story on the fiction site, so it might not be the greatest. Razz)


Dear Bill,

I should have told you I was going to die,
I knew for a while that I had cancer,
But I can’t stand it to see you cry.

I am going to miss you,
I hope you know that.
And I will forever and always,
Don’t forget it.

I love you too Bill
And that will last for all eternity.

Forever and Always

As Bill read the letter for what seemed like the hundredth time, he thought of all the good times with Tom. He had always loved Tom, and visited his grave every day to read the letter again. This had been going on for what seemed like five years, but it had only been a month.

After a month of visiting Tom’s grave, Bill was diagnosed with cancer just like Tom. Since he always visited Tom’s grave, he never went to the hospital. Bill never would go anywhere but Tom’s grave. He skipped school, Tokio Hotel broke up and he never visited his friends. The only thing he would do is eat and sleep, though he took his lunch with him to Tom’s grave.

Georg and Gustav had tried to talk with Bill to make him feel better, but he would never listen. They went with him to Tom’s grave a couple of times, but after a week, they stopped.

******** Flash Back ********

“Bill, you won’t ever get better if you don’t try.” Georg said, trying once again to convince Bill.

“He’s gone, he’s never coming back, he’s gone...” Bill sobbed, crying his eyes out next to Tom’s grave.

“I know he’s gone Bill, but Tom would want you to move on...” Gustav tried to convince him as did Georg, but was interrupted by Bill’s screaming.

“TOM!” Bill was crying even more.

That was the last time Georg and Gustav tried to convince him to forget Tom. They went with him to Tom’s grave a couple more times after that, but stopped because they wanted to start living their lives unlike Bill. Yes, they were sad that Tom was gone, but they knew he would want them to move on.

******** Back to present ********

After another month visiting Tom’s grave Bill was having a hard time breathing every once and a while. The cancer had spread to his lungs, and he knew he didn’t have much time, unless he went to the hospital. But all Bill could think of was that if he didn’t go to the hospital, he could finally be with his brother. And that’s what he wanted most of all. He started avoiding his parents since they brought him to the hospital one night, and he hated that...

******** Another Flash Back ********

“AHHHHH” Bill screamed, waking up in the hospital. “What am I doing here?”

“Shhh sweety, its ok.” Simone said, lying next to her son. Bill could see that she’d been crying. “We brought you to the hospital since you started having a hard time breathing.”

“NO! I have to see Tom! What about Tom?!” Bill started crying.

“Bill, you have to start accepting what has happened. Tom is gone... I know it’s hard for you. You were close to him, but you need to do something about your cancer. I can’t loose both my sons. ” Gordon said from behind Simone.

Then the doctor came back in with a chart in his hand. “Mr. and Mrs. Trumper, I have some bad news. Your son has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He has about two weeks if he doesnt get the sergery in the next couple days.”

That’s the last thing Bill heard, as he ran out the hospital away from the doctors, to be with Tom. Although he did hear his mother crying even louder than before and Gordon trying to calm her, he kept going.

******** Back to present ********

“Hey Tom, I came back again, just like I promised you two months ago. I kept my promise even on the day mom and Gordon brought me to the hospital. Hearing that I have lung cancer should be good news for you. That means in about another week or so I will finally be back with you, isn’t that great tom?” Bill always talks to Tom when he visits him, it kept him calm, since he never talked to anyone else.

“I miss having you near me, that’s why I come and visit you so much, I probably told you this already but I can’t seem to remember anything now a days.” Tom’s grave had become overflowing with flowers; every Saturday Bill would put a new one on the mount of dirt. So there was a flower for every week Tom was away from Bill. That’s the way Bill thought of it.

Another week went by and Bill still continued visiting Tom like he promised. He didn’t even go back to his own house. He stayed with Georg, Gustav, and Andreas. When Bill left their houses, they would call his parents to tell them he was ok. The last time he was at one of their houses he couldn’t breathe for a short amount of time, but he still wouldn’t go back to the hospital.

******** Flash back once again ********

“Bill, BILL!! Come on, wake up, breathe Bill!” Georg started shouting once Bill collapsed to the floor.

“Bill, come on! You can’t die now! What would your mother think…” Then Georg heard a small breath. “Bill?”

“… Georg? ... What happened?” Bill said, as he lifted his head off the ground. “What am I doing on the floor?”

“Oh god Bill, are you alright? You had me so worried… You were struggling to breathe… and then, you stopped.” He said, helping Bill off the ground. “It only lasted a few seconds though."

“No! If I stop breathing I have to be next to Tom… I have to go…” And at that Bill left strait for Tom’s grave

******** Back to present ********

“Tom, it has been 10 weeks since you’ve died, I miss you so much. Plus the doctor said I was going to die in two weeks. They said that sixteen days ago. And nothing feels any different…I haven’t collapsed anymore. I feel healthy as can be, just like someone without cancer…” Bill looked down, imagining what it would be like to die.

Bill, it’s not right to let yourself die.

“Tom? Is that you?” Bill’s eyes swept the graveyard frantically.

Yes Bill, it’s me.

“Tom where are you?” Bill started looking around more.

I’m right here

“Where?” Bill looked towards a big oak tree behind the grave. At first he didn’t see anything, but then something began to appear. “Tom!” Bill got up off the ground and headed toward his brother.

“I missed you Bill, and thank you for keeping your promise. Even though you couldn’t see me, I was always there.” Tom said, walking up to Bill and hugging him.

“Oh Tom, I’ve missed you so much.” Bill said, hugging Tom and crying on his shoulder.

“Shh, it’s ok Bill, I’m here and I always will be. But you have to go back to the hospital.” Tom said, facing him.

“I’ll do anything for you…” Bill went limp in Tom’s arms. He wasn’t breathing or even responding to Tom’s touch anymore.

“Bill…BILL!” Tom said, still holding him in his arms.


That was the last time Bill visited his brother. Bill passed away in the one place he loved, his brother’s arms. Now when you visit the graveyard, you will see the two brother’s graves next to each other. And on the occasional day you’ll see their spirits playing on the big oak tree. They are now together and will be forever and always.

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