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Dragon Age: A New Blight

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Dragon Age: A New Blight Empty Dragon Age: A New Blight

Post  TheDarkCynder Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:59 am

"And so is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at its perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
and doom upon all the world."

-Canticle of Threnodies 8:13

The Chantry teaches us that it is our Sin that brought the Darkspawn to this world. The mages had sought to serve Heaven. . . But instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They returned as monsters. The first of the Darkspawn. They became a Blight to the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The Dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall, and from the Deep Roads, the Darkspawn drove at as again, and again until finally we neared annhilation. Until- the Grey Wardens came. Men and women from every race, mages and barbarians, beggars and kings. The Wardens sacreficed everything to stem the tide of the darkness and prevailed. Four centuries after that victory, another Archdemon has arose. The Wardens knew the Darkspawn would return, but those who once honored the Wardens has forgotten... Another uprise had begun, and the Wardens were successful once again.
Centuries have passed sience that last Archdemon was slain, ending the previous Blight. And though Darkspawn were still a major threat not too soon after the Blight, they were slain nevertheless, and the victory was given to the Grey Wardens. Mysterious Darkspawn are starting to appear on the horizon. Could it be another blight?
You are a Grey Warden recruit and have yet to expirence the pain and thrill of The Joining. You hear many rumors of this ceremony, it seems to come with great pain and agony.

What's what? *Please Read*
Like a Star @ heaven The Maker- The one God, worshipped by humans.
Like a Star @ heaven Ancestors- Most Dwarves worship their ancestors.
Like a Star @ heaven The Nine- Elves believe in 9 Gods.
Like a Star @ heaven Chantry- Spreads the word of The Maker.
Like a Star @ heaven Archdemon- Commands the Darkspawn; Usually in the form of a dragon.
Like a Star @ heaven Darkspawn- Dark, evil creatures that live benieth the Dwarven Kingdoms until they find an Archdemon.
Like a Star @ heaven Old God- The form of a dragon; Darkspawn infect these deceased bodies and it becomes an Archdemon.
Like a Star @ heaven Ferelden- Main country of Dragon Age: Origins.
Like a Star @ heaven Denerim- Large city in Dragon Age: Origins.
Like a Star @ heaven Amaranthine- Large port city in Dragon Age: Awakening.
Like a Star @ heaven The Joining- Ceremony to become a Grey Warden, one vial of Darkspawn blood and a drop of blood from an Archdemon are put into a joining chalace; the Warden recuit is to drink it. Many die.
Like a Star @ heaven Grey Warden- One whom has gone through The Joining; they can sense Darkspawn and often have agonizing nightmares of the Archdemon. They usually die within 30 years of The Joining because the blood slowly poisons them.
Like a Star @ heaven Taint- Disease caused by swallowing Darkspawn blood; can be fatal, death can only be prevented by going through The Joining.
Like a Star @ heaven The Circle- A tower to which all non-dalish and non-warden mages are confined. Mages are not allowed to leave.
Like a Star @ heaven Templar- Controls mages. Have ablilities to prevent mages using magic on them.
Like a Star @ heaven Mage- A person who can contol magic; if a child shows signs of being a mage, they are taken to The Circle to learn magic, but never leave. Usually hated or feared.
Like a Star @ heaven Blood Mage- An illegal form of magic; uses blood itself as fuel for spells.
Like a Star @ heaven Apostate- An illegal mage outside the tower.
Like a Star @ heaven Deep Roads- The place in which Darkspawn dwell.
Like a Star @ heaven The Fade- The world The Maker made before Thedas. Full of demons and spirits, all mages are connected to the Fade and must visit during their Harrowing. The Fade is known as the dream world, because anything can happen there.
Like a Star @ heaven Thedas- The world.
Like a Star @ heaven Demons- Found in The Fade, they usually try to trick people and are very good at that. They are corrupted spirits. Demons come in many forms, some being Pride, Hunger, and Desire.
Like a Star @ heaven Spirits- Found in The Fade, the first children of The Maker. He turned them away, as they lack souls. Some of these include Justice, Valor, and Fortitude. Spirits can be summoned by a Spirit Healer (A kind of mage) and will try to help.
Like a Star @ heaven Harrowing- A ceremony in which mages travel to The Fade and are tested to see if they can resist demons. If they take too long, they are killed by Templars in fear that a Demon has taken their body.
Like a Star @ heaven Andastre- The Maker's wife, founded The Chantry.
Like a Star @ heaven Warden Commander- Each country has one; they control everything about the Grey Wardens for that country.
Like a Star @ heaven Arl- Second hand to the king, it's like a king/queen for each large region within countries.
Like a Star @ heaven Orzammar- Underground land of the Dwarves, most Dwarves have never seen the surface.
Like a Star @ heaven Lothering- A city destroyed by Darkspawn.
Like a Star @ heaven Korcari Wilds- Once contained the main area of the Grey Wardens, Ostagar, which is now demolished. The Wilds expand greatly, and are mostly unknown, mysterious, and dangerous.
Like a Star @ heaven Brecillian Forest- Dalish Elves thrive here, it is also home to many omnious caves.
Like a Star @ heaven Lake Calenhad- The Circle tower is in the east part of this lake.
Like a Star @ heaven The Free Marches- A group of countries.
(See http://dragonage.wikia.com/ for more lore.)

**Note- events take place centuries AFTER Dragon Age: Awakening, Dragon Age: 2 has not been released as of this date and actions during that time will not be taken into account.

Races Note, you may not be a Quanrai or Golem in this roleplay.
Human- Usually more ignorant, you are the third tallest of these races.
CITY Elf- More fit to human standards, you live in the city and are the fourth tallest of these races.
DALISH Elf- You prefer life in Clans in the forst, and you hate humans. The knowledge that Elves were once enslaved by humans enrages you, and you wish to return your people to their original culture. Fourth tallest, like city Elves.
Dwarf- The shortest of the races, you are stubborn and stong. Dwarves cannot dream, and therefore cannot be mages.
Golem- A dwarf that has been changed into a Golem by the Anvil of the Void. Tallest. Basically a big rock person.
Qunari- Dosen't like humans, a very serious race that is the second tallest.

Dragon Age: A New Blight Da2_races
(Qunari, Human, Elf, Dwarf.)


There are specializations for each class.


Like a Star @ heaven Berserker- The first berserkers were dwarves. They would sacrifice finesse for a dark rage that increased their strength and resilience. Eventually, dwarves taught these skills to others, and now berserkers can be found amongst all races. They are renowned as terrifying adversaries.

Like a Star @ heaven Champion- The champion is a veteran warrior and a confident leader in battle. Possessing skill at arms impressive enough to inspire allies, the champion can also intimidate and demoralize foes. These are the heroes you find commanding an army, or plunging headlong into danger, somehow making it look easy.

Like a Star @ heaven Reaver- Demonic spirits teach more than blood magic. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their slain opponents to heal their own flesh, and can unleash a blood frenzy that makes them more powerful as they come nearer to their own deaths.

Like a Star @ heaven Templar- Mages who refuse the Circle's control become apostates and live in fear of a templar's powers- the ability to dispel and resist magic. As servants of the Chantry, the templars have been the most effective means of controlling the spread and use of arcane power for centuries.


Like a Star @ heaven Assassin- The assassin finds any notion of fairness a quaint ideal that has no place in combat. Poisons are their weapon of choice, as are crippling strikes that inflict persistent wounds on their foes. As killers, assassins are a marvel of stealth and efficiency.

Like a Star @ heaven Bard- Bards follow an Orlesian tradition, acting as assassins, spies, saboteurs and following other secretive pursuits in the constant, and sometimes petty, struggles between nobles. Having taken the minstrel's art to new levels, bards are skilled performers and master manipulators; bards can inspire their allies or dishearten their foes through song and tale.

Like a Star @ heaven Duelist- Duelists are deadly combatants who prefer to fight in light armour and strike with light, but precise attacks. Experienced duelists have preternatural reflexes that allow them to evade their opponents' clumsy blows, as well as strike with remarkable precision.

Like a Star @ heaven Ranger- Rangers have an affinity for open country and wilderness, but as independent scouts and militia, they are opportunists, not stewards of nature. They exploit every advantage of their environment, and can lure wild beasts to attack their foes.


Like a Star @ heaven Arcane Warrior- Among the ancient elves, there were mages who trained their magical arts to augment their martial prowess. They channeled magical power through their weapons and bodies, becoming terrors on the battlefield. Most consider these skills lost forever, but they may still linger in forgotten corners of the world. Arcane warriors may learn to use their magic score to satisfy the strength requirement to equip higher-level weapons and armor.

Like a Star @ heaven Blood Mage- Every mage can feel the dark lure of blood magic. Originally learned from demons, these dark rites tap into the power of blood, converting life into mana and giving the mage command over the minds of others. Such power comes with a price, though; a blood mage must sacrifice his own health, or the health of allies, to fuel these abilities.

Like a Star @ heaven Shapeshifter- Rumors speak of barbarians that hold secrets of transforming the body into the form of animals. The Circle of Magi denies such rumors, but this rare art survives in the forgotten corners of Thedas. Mastery of their bodies allows shapeshifters some protection, even in human form, making them durable opponents and staunch allies.

Like a Star @ heaven Spirit Healer- Not all entities of the Fade are demonic. Many are benevolent entities consisting of life energy, which can be called upon to mend flesh and heal disease. Spirit healers focus on channeling the energies granted by these spirits, making them indispensable members of a party of adventurers.

Character Application: - Erase everything in () before posting.
Weapon: (Looking for a weapon on http://dragonage.wikia.com and posting the IMG is highly recommended.)
Apparence: (Not Modern!) (Looking for armor/clothes on http://dragonage.wikia.com and posting the IMG is highly recommended.)
Class: (Dwarves CANNOT be mages.)
Specialization: (NO OVERPOWERING) (Start with one, can eventually learn two)
Background: (Yes, it is necessairy. Seeking out more information about Dragon Age would help prove a better background. If you are a mage, you can either choose to be taken from The Circle by request from a Warden, or if you were an apostate mage, taught by someone else.)

My character(s)

Race: Human
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Name: Cynder
Personality: Serious, sensitive.
Weapon: http://images.wikia.com/dragonage/images/2/20/DragonCall.png (The staff)
Apparence: Long dark brown hair, though kept in a ponytail. She has blue eyes, and a very lightly faded tattoo that swirls around part of her face. She wears these ROBES- http://dragonage.wikia.com/index.php?title=Robes_of_the_Orlesian_Magister&image=OrlesianMagisterRobe-png
Class: Mage
Specialization: Shapeshifter, Spirit Healer
Background: Cynder was a mage at the circle sience she was 2, and left the circle to join the Wardens when she was 21. Her skill and tactical thinking led to her becoming the Warden Commander of Ferelden.
Other: She is the Warden Commander.

PLEASE LOOK Exclamation
This is a map of Ferelden. The picture is too large to post here. It would be greatly appreciated if you look at it.

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