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Official Avadopts Twitter click channel?

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Official Avadopts Twitter click channel? Empty Official Avadopts Twitter click channel?

Post  phoenixwildfire Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:56 pm

so I play quite a bit on magistream and mythical moments.

On those sites we have twitter click channels- it's pretty easy to make.

Avadopts makes a twitter account, and we post our levelup codes in the #Avadopts channel.

that's it!

People can go to the channel and click on them, and voiala, instant growth ;D

instead of taking days, it may take only 1 day to hatch eggs, and be less frustrating.

Plus Avadopts can announce certain things on their twitter for us to watch- like if the site goes down, you can keep us updated easier that way.

If there is already a feature like this, please ignore me Laughing

to better show said benefits of twitter click channels, I just posted my dragon egg in my twitter- with only my followers, no channels or anything.

7 clicks in 1 minute.

yep. hatched ^_^

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Official Avadopts Twitter click channel? Empty Re: Official Avadopts Twitter click channel?

Post  PhazonDragon Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:54 pm

I wouldn't mind a click channel, though I'm more for the updates side of a Twitter channel. So, my vote goes to 'sure :D' on this. I know I'd follow Avadopts on Twitter. Whether or not I'd click, is a different matter since I primarily use Twitter from my iPhone. I can get on the internet, and log in on Avadopts, but it's sometimes not worth the trouble just to get 15 GP. So yeah. But if cookies allow everyone to stay logged in... Then I might use it more via my phone.

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