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Question about warning message

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Question about warning message  Empty Question about warning message

Post  nightowl Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:20 pm

Hi, guys. Pixie/nightowl here. Got a question about a warning message I've gotten 2 x in last 2 days.
I'm clicking through zoos, leveling up creatures to make gp - you know the drill and I'm getting a message that says I've committed some offense and that my isp address is being sent to Reb. So what am I doing wrong? I don't get it. Anyone know?

I don't want to be doing something wrong, so please tell me (I tried sending this through the chat but got no answer). Question

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Question about warning message  Empty Re: Question about warning message

Post  DragonTamerChris Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:42 pm

Oh, steven, the things you do.

Don't worry, it's steven/goldenshibby playing a game.

*locks topic*

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