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Hello...SoBe it^-^

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Hello...SoBe it^-^ Empty Hello...SoBe it^-^

Post  SoBe Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:57 pm

Hey, I'm SoBe,
And I'm planning on being a dragon breeder here on Avadopts Smile
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You might find some dragon eggs on the brown island, or some hatchlings, but for now, I'm just getting more dragons to breed. You are free to pm me for a type of hatchling you want, or a surprise egg. They will be leveled at Five (5) for eggs, and Fifteen (15) for hatchlings. I believe that is when they hatch, if not then a level or two higher then Fifteen (15).
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(Dragon Breeding Ground)
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Here is where you can look at my dragons, and their eggs, and hatchlings. Just pm me the dragons code you want, and I will gladly hand it over to you. One (1) Dragon egg/hatchling every two (2) months, yes a limit, leveling them takes time and breeding dragons doesn't always work out since I only have one (1) male and three (3) females.
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Also, if you level my eggs/hatchlings, please only level the eggs to five (5), until further notice. If they are still leveling, then too bad, I will send in one (1) level five (5) eggs, and one (1) hatchling, onto the brown island. So they are still rare to come by, and I'm not on all that much, so if you see a dragon that is not named, then go right ahead pm me about that dragon that has already turned into an adult.
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Side note; My male black dragon did not make an egg with my female red dragon. So it will take longer to get an egg going.
Side note 2; I won't be on that much, so dragons are still rare. Yes, I know I've said this already, but still, everyone loves a reminder, even me.
Side note 3: Everything I put down, makes sense right? No complaining? Good.
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Hello...SoBe it^-^ 1119Like a Star @ heaven
Code: 1119
Gender: Male
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Code: 1126
Gender: Female
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Code: 1114
Gender: Female
Hello...SoBe it^-^ 1120Like a Star @ heaven
Code: 1120
Gender: Female
Their Hatchlings that I'm keeping Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven
Coming Soon.
SoBe It
What a Face

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Hello...SoBe it^-^ Empty Re: Hello...SoBe it^-^

Post  user560 Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:56 am

Welcome ^^

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Hello...SoBe it^-^ Empty Re: Hello...SoBe it^-^

Post  Rosalie_Jade Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:24 am

Welcome to avadopts, I think it's cool that you're wanting to get involved. Smile I hope you have fun here. If I may ask, I'd like a female, doesn't matter what color.

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Hello...SoBe it^-^ Empty Re: Hello...SoBe it^-^

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