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Poetry of Sorts

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Poetry of Sorts Empty Poetry of Sorts

Post  KonayukiSpirit Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:49 pm

Ohhi :3 I decided I should post things from my deviantArt and stuff, so here would be the poetry xD I actually write depressing and dark things because I can, probably because of those deep feelings inside. :3

>:3 Anyway, enjoy! <3

Beer Glass This poem might not be my best, but I definitely like how it turned out, and it helped me try out a few things xD

Everything, rushing into the empty glass,
Unaware of torment drawing near.
Increasing gently and rapidly it's troublesome mass,
Crying, exclaiming, things others cannot hear.

Lonely beer glass sits, waiting to be shattered
From being brought upon a table,
Which was wooden, old, wise, and battered,
Standing silently, its base quite stable.

Soon will come an angered person,
Drunk and wallowing in deep despair,
And without a thought to whose it belonged,
Let the beer glass sail through the air.

Though the glass was filled with everything,
It was nothing compared to the tosser.
He shouted words defiled, screamed out anything.
All the while, the beer glass fell closer.

With a tremendous crash, everything was free.
It went into nothing, it went into all things,
Nothing to calm their uncontainable glee,
Nothing to control them, no more strings.

And the man fell dead on the floor,
Stunned to death, no time to make it through the door.


I'll be adding a few other poems here too <:3

I fight to save, but do I save to fight? My deviantArt x] Feedback appreciated! 8'D


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