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Horror Drabble I

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Horror Drabble I Empty Horror Drabble I

Post  Yami on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:54 am

The Untouched Door

I feel the hair on my back stand up as I took a step closer to that door. Soemthing about that door gives off an eerie feeling to it. No one had ever opened that door.

I meant it, no one. Even the builder of the house had never opened it. Long ago, a certain incident had happened behind that door. Which is why▬no one wanted to even live here. But I don't care what they say. It's just a door, leading to a room.

Now that I feel like the time is going very slow while as I take my time walking. It's like trying to walk through the heavy water, yes, it's that slow. Or even slower.

I held my breath as my hand touched the cold handle of the dark door. It oddly cold in the summer time. I felt a chilly breeze go by me as I stood there.

I bit my lip.

I adjusted my eyes to be prepared on what I am going to see behind the door.

There's something there, all right. I can feel the dark aura from the room behind the door.

Something's there.

I trailed my eyes slowly on the old wooden door, finding some hidden clues on what may be hidden behind the door...

There was none but one...

'Leave' written in blood... As least it smelled like blood... That wasn't there before, was it?

I looked down to my feet when I feel wet tingling at the bottom of my shoes.

Blood. There was a pool of blood coming towards my feet like water from under the unopened door.

I bit my lip again and just stood there. I held my breath, before I realized...the door has creaked open an inch. Inside was very dark. I could not see anything.

I heard nothing but silence.

Too silent. I opened the door more wider and-

"AAAAAAHH!" A piercing cry was heard but no one outside of the house heard it. Not even a dog that lived next door. No one had found out where I had gone missing to...


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