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Alonaria's Free Verse Poetry

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Alonaria's  Free Verse Poetry Empty Alonaria's Free Verse Poetry

Post  alonaria on Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:14 am


Nobody is here
I'm alone
Left behind
It doesn't matter
I'm only one to them
I'm only a person
Left behind for the "greater good"
Yea right
I'm lost
Because I was left behind


Stinging tears.
You should've turned back.
Heart cracking.
Why didn't you turn around?
Choppy breaths.
I thought you loved me.
Chaotic thoughts.
You weren't there.
Overwhelming despair.
You just left me.
I'm falling.
No words to describe.
Future collapsing.
How did this happen?

I'm lying on the floor.
My arms are wrapped around my knees.
The abyss
is consuming me.
My heart has shattered.
My soul demolished
Nothing is left.
Only nothing exists.
And nothing is nonexistant.
So there is only emptiness
where my being should be.
My eyes are closing.
Grief is deadly
to me
a world without you
isn't a world at all
to me
It is a custom made
hell on earth
for my nonexistant self


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