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The results of a few years sans pokemon

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The results of a few years sans pokemon Empty The results of a few years sans pokemon

Post  SilentSkieBlue on Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:06 pm

Okay, I'm a Pokenerd. I'll say it right now.
I was not happy enough with any of the Gen4 pokemon to buy their games, and so there was a certain timeframe in which my pokemon love had to be filled in some other way.
So, I made up a generation of pokemon entirely out of fossils, and then another one when I ran out of ideas.
And then I sprited them. Not all of them, because some were lame, but quite a few of them.
Then I turned them into Squibies.
It was a long timeframe.
Here are some of my better sprites of them and better concepts in whole, the entire collection (though not updated with my improved spritng, JSYK) can be viewed on my DeviantArt (Tari-Idril) and/or my Squiby Account (SilentSkieBlue)
The results of a few years sans pokemon Bestworks
The Keeweef line, or at least Vercocant might get an honorary Dark subtype, because that seems to fit their natures. I'd add a subtype to the Biseer family, but the only suitable ones would be fighting and ground, and between the last three fire starters and Camerupt, I don't think I could forgive myself. Tadrizle and Anurain aren't part poison, just Delucomelas. If you couldn't tell, they're poison dart frogs. Why poison dart frogs? Because water/poison is a pretty epic combo (once you think about it) that's only EVER been used for Tentacool/cruel and Qwilfish, and Croagunk didn't quite do poison dart frogs justice.

Data on these guys:
Biseer: Fire--Brush-Fire Pokemon
--Biseer live on open plains with harsh winters and burning summers. They occasionally set fires that can catch onto nearby trees.--
Wildefire: Fire--Wildfire Pokemon--Evolves from Biseer @ LVL 14
--Wildefire migrate from west to east to follow rain and food. They are short tempered, but grow timid when crossing water.--
Combufallo: Fire--Raging Fire Pokemon--Evolves from Wildefire @ LVL 38
--Combuffalo have very bad eyesight and an even worse temper. Despite being an herbivore, they are one of the most dangerous pokemon alive.--

Keweef: Grass--Kiwi Pokemon
--Keweef are small and incapable of flight, but they can bring up a gust by waving their large tail leaf.--
Turkeef: Grass--Bush Turkey Pokemon--Evolves from Keweef @ LVL 16
--Turkeef are more aggressive than most assume, though this is mostly because they are nervous and afraid of attack.
Vercocant: Foliage Pokemon--Evolves from Turkeef @ LVL 36
--Vercocant have strong legs, though they can only jump so high because their large leaves weigh them down. They use their tail leaves to make themselves look bigger than they are, and are very vain. The will not stand for any defacing of their leafy plumage. --

Tadrizle: Water--Tree-Tadpole Pokemon
--Tadrizle are born with their tails, but they gradually get smaller as they near evolution. They are born in trees but fall out into puddles below.--
Anurain: Water--Tree Frog Pokemon--Evolves from Tadrizle @ LVL 18
--Anurain are superb jumpers, and when jumping from trees they extend their distance by flaring their feet. Their feet also make them excellent swimmers.--
Delucomelas: Water--Tree Frog Pokemon--Evolves from Anurain @ LVL 34
--The large, wide feet of Delucomelas enable them to move across the top of rivers or lakes if they move fast enough. They use the webbing on their arms and feet to extend their jumping distances, so they can move from tree to tree.--

Biseer= Bison + Sear
Wildefire= Wildebeest + Fire (Wildfire)
Combuffalo= Combustion + Buffalo (Based off of Cape Buffalo, not American Buffalo/Bison

Keweef=Kiwi + Leaf
Turkeef=Turkey + Leaf
Vercocant= Verdant + Peacock

Tadrizle= Tadpole + Drizzle
Anurain= Anura + Rain (Anura is the scientific name for the order of frogs
Delucomelas= Deluge + leucomelas (leucomelas is the second part of the scientific name of the yellow banded poison dart frog)

Looking for the other guys? They'll be here later, I've got to go.

Sooo yeah. I do this stuff. A lot. And I made Willowhiss and Zomerine waaaaay before Victini and Pringlepuss came out, so their typing was unique at the time. *grumpyface*

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