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Adventure Tales of DragCave!

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Adventure Tales of DragCave!  Empty Adventure Tales of DragCave!

Post  Yami on Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:38 pm

Adventure Tales of DragCave

by Yami

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Who knew that there was a wonderful world had existed from the beyond...


It was a rainy day on a populated green lands of planet Earth. Cold water drops clashed against the glass windows with bright blue flashes in the thundering skies.

“Man, I’m bored. I want to go play basketball!” said a voice that belonged to a young boy. He has dark short hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“Okay, want to play Hide and Seek?” said a girl who lazily laid on the couch. She has mid long brunette hair with blonde highlights and silver blue eyes.

“Alright! You hide. I’ll count to 50!” exclaimed the boy.

“Yeah, no counting super fast or skipping numbers!” She said as she hopped off the couch and sprinted towards the stairs.

“One...Two...” He began counting towards the number fifty. The girl was scrambling from room to room to find a hiding spot. She scowled and scanned around in his parents’ room. She tried to fit under the bed that was not laid on the carpet floor but it was too low for her to crawl under.

She looked to the double doors closet at the corner of the room. Walking towards it, opening the doors quietly by the knobs and carefully slipped herself inside. Then she waited...and waited. The longer she waited, she started to smell the awful perfume her mother uses, she had to put a hand over her nose from it.

The girl felt a chilly breeze go by her neck, looked up to see the woden door that led to the attic. Pulling herself over the rackets and reaching her hand out to grasp the rope that hung.

“29...30...31...” Listening to how far he had gotten with his counting, she pulled down the rope and the door snapped open. Bang! Clamping her mouth tight from making a noise when it hit the wall.

She pulled herself up and over the ledge in the darkening crammed room of the attic. It was dark and foggy by the window. There was junk - dust, boxes, paper, chairs and tables up here.

She then spotted something red glittering in the far back of the attic. The girl walked slowly to it.

It’s a book. Not just any book, it’s the new edition of Dragonology book! Why was it up here? It looks so new and yet, no one has been up here for a decade or so!

The girl opened up the book slowly, another chilly breeze whizzed past her. Staring at the first page on where the heck the breeze came from, she flipped another. Stared, again.

The Dragonology isn’t any typical Dragnology book you’d find in a bookstore nowadays! It got different, colored, and not to mention - beautiful dragons. Where had the natural Easterns gone, the migrating Frosts or the mighty European dragons?

The girl turned around with the book in her hands until she dropped the book to the wooden floor. There in front of her was a large mirror. The glass was pure black but you could still see your reflection in it and the frames were crimson red.

Leaning into it, inspecting the strange mirror. She squiented her eyes to try to make out the fancy cursive writing on the red frame at the top.

DragCave - T-

Leaning in too far, the mirror activated and everything went white... A portal warped her to somewhere!

Opening her eyes when she felt the softness of the ground beneath her feet, looking down at the fresh smell of wild grass. Slowly looking up, the sight had made her frozen to where she stood.

A large earthly green dragon, much larger than herself, was looking at her. Wait, dragon? The girl shifted as she grew anxious from the dragon’s red eyes gaze.

‘Does red eyes mean it’s ev-’ Her train of thought was interrupted by fear when the dragon began walking - or rather, running towards her.

“Aaaaah!” Turning around to run as fast as she could, her scream echoed in the meadow.


End of Prologue Chapter[/size]

Disclaimer: I do not own DragCave or the dragons that will show up in this fanfic! Only some of my characters I do own (the characters that I do not own are already existing people...like Rebsingh for one, Razz)

Hope you enjoyed! ^_^


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