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Post  miggyrox789 Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:33 pm

(Pronounced Glow-way-the. )

Glowaithe is a site i have been working on with the assistance of many friends. We've poured so much time into making it look the best we can, and even then we're still working on it. Some journey it has been...
Basically, the site starts out in a way my friend helped think of. you find a book that takes you to a magical world, where you can adopt many different animals and creatures. Your goal here is to find them all and help raise them, and ultimately defeat the bad guy we haven't designed yet. XD

CSS is under construction, sorry if it gives you a seizure if its a tad too bright. ;D

We are also still currently working on a few adopts, the missing dog is almost done. :3

The site can be found here.

I could use some pixel artists too, if someone wanted to help. o3o

Have fun, and if you have any issues or suggestions, either post them here or PM them to me on the site.

Thank you,

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