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Post  KonayukiSpirit Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:50 pm

-This is taken from the "Rules/News" and was originally made by Rebsingh, so if he comes here and says I can't put this up, I'll take it down. xD You are free to post here, by the way.-

This will also be put on the website.

Joining the Site

  • How do I sign up?
    - By clicking the Register page and checking your email for the verification code to let you setup your account.
  • How do I do quests?
    - You can ask other users or figure them out. You can't annoy the admin. Wink Letting your mouse over some spots on the map will also give you hints if a quest is there or not.
  • Why does the website keep redirecting me and say that my account is suspended?
    - Most likely, you are using Internet Explorer. Seeing that Internet Explorer sucks is not compatible with this site, please try to resolve this problem by using Firefox or Chrome. I believe both of these are free and very helpful in some cases. Thanks.*
  • What is the Black Market?
    - It's a place to buy pets and trade pets. You can also buy items for quests. The Trading Post is still under construction, so it's best you don't go there.
  • Why do some people have a Black Dragon? I thought there were only (1,2,3) colors!
    - Well the admin has one because he is the admin. Wendigo/Little Art Girl has one because she made them and deserves to have one. These dragons are the most rarest creature on the site, and some people may have got them from an event.
  • Where can I post my eggs?
    - You can post them on click sites or hatcheries that are made by others. There is one right here: www.park.avadopts.com

Your Zoo

  • How can I access my Zoo?
    -Below the Avadopts banner, there are a few navigation links. You'll see the 'Zoo' one, and if you click on it, there's your Zoo.
  • How can I see how many creatures I have?
    -It should say above your creatures. The secon dline will say how many creatures in total you have in your Zoo.
  • I see the amount of GP I have. What is it?
    -Everyone has GP, or Gold Pieces. You get a certain amount every time you level up a creature, or adopt a creature. You lose a certain amount when you abandon one. How is this helpful to you? Well, some quests require GP, and you'll be glad you did all that clickin'.


  • How do I breed my creatures?
    -In your creature page, you scroll down to the Actions. There, you'll see the action 'Breed'. Click on it and it will bring you to another page with a list of creatures able to breed.
  • Can I cross-breed and get hybrids?
    -Sadly, no. A platypus bear must breed with a platypus bear only, dragon and dragon (no matter the color), and so on.
  • How do I see my creatures' children?
    -The creature page, once again. There, you'll see the children under all those information on the creature. It'll have a link in the form of numbers. You can also click the lineage button.
  • I just bred my creature pair, but I can't breed them anymore!
    -There's a breeding cooldown of 7 days, A.K.A. a week from when you bred your creatures. After a week, the pair(s) will be able to breed again.

The Nations

  • How do I access the Nations?
    -Under the Avadopts banner, click the 'Explore' button. From there, you will see a map with different colors. Each color is a different nation. If you can't tell, you can always click the four symbols representing the Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Nations/Empire/Temples.
  • How many eggs can I get at once?
    -You can get up to five eggs at once and fifteen hatchlings at once.
  • What's that brown island near the Earth Kingdom?
    -That's the Abandoned Island (AI). For more information, please scroll down to the Abandoned Island section.
  • Do I get GP for adopting a creature/egg?
    -Yep! If you pick up an egg from the nations, you'll be rewarded 10GP for every egg you get. The Abandoned Island rewards 300GP.

More coming later.
* - If you find a page that is redirecting you and you are using firefox or chrome or not internet explorer, please contact the admin and say what the problem was and on what page (URL).

Also, if there are any questions that are 'frequently asked', they might end up here, so check once in a while!

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