Rules for replying in the avadopts club section

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Rules for replying in the avadopts club section

Post  DragonTamerChris on Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:15 am

So I made this nifty little topic so you guys know what the difference between a good post and a spam post on this forum.

Rules for replying in the avadopts club section.
  • Obviously since this is on the avadopts forums all board rules apply.
  • Only post here if you are A. Ether a member of the club that you are replying to or B. If you are joining. Don't post there saying "Oh, i'm joining soon!"
  • Do not join a club if they are not ready to accept members.
  • No matter how fast/active the topic is, don't turn it into a chat topic, that's what the irc chat is for, if you really want to, make a chat group for your avadopts club.

(Mods, feel free to edit this as needed.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you take this topic into consideration before you post on this forum.


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